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Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby

The IRFU has a memorandum of understanding with IWA that outlines a partnership and areas of cooperation between organisations; specifically, this relates to promotion and marketing, providing opportunities for training and development for volunteers, and reviewing activities on a regular basis for both parties.

The Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) and the IRFU

What is Wheelchair Rugby?

Wheelchair rugby is a fast paced, full contact team sport for male and female quadriplegics (tetraplegics) looking to get involved in a team sport.

The sport was originally called “Murderball” due to the aggressive nature of the game. It is a contact sport where collisions between wheelchairs form a major part of the game. Wheelchair Rugby combines elements of rugby, basketball and handball.
Men and women compete on the same teams and in the same competitions. Each team has four players on the court and the aim is to score by carrying the ball across the goal. Ireland is currently ranked 15th in the world in Wheelchair Rugby.

Is Wheelchair Rugby available in Ireland?

There are currently 4 clubs across Ireland and Northern Ireland providing Wheelchair Rugby. The current list of clubs can be found below:

For more information:

Email:                   info@irishwheelchairrugby.com

Website:             http://iwcrugby.com/

Website :            https://iwasport.com/sports/wheelchair-rugby/

Facebook:           https://www.facebook.com/IrishWheelchairRugby/