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Aldi Play Rugby is a national programme for primary school children. It is a free, supervised and non-contact rugby programme that provides everything schools need to get started, including sessions with Community Rugby Officers, online coaching resources and free coaching equipment.

The overall objective of the programme is to encourage school children to get active, participate in regular exercise in a safe and controlled environment and to eat healthily.

The Aldi Play Rugby programme has gone from strength to strength since it launched with over 116,000 children from over 1,300 primary schools across the country signed up to take part. This is an increase of 71% in just over 4 years. There are 150 teachers across the country that are now trained on the programme, an increase of 275% since 2016.


There are four provincial festivals in a season culminating in the national festival in the Aviva Stadium.


For more information on any aspect of Aldi Play Rugby please email us by clicking here.


You’ll find information on the IRFU Safeguarding policy and procedures in our Spirit of Rugby section – click here.