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Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report

At the IRFU, we recognise that our staff come from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to fostering a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion while ensuring that this is embedded into our day-to-day working practices. The IRFU is committed to creating an environment that promotes equity and fairness, while combatting discrimination.

Publishing this report and promoting transparency and awareness is a vital step in our ongoing efforts to identify and address any pay inequities present in our workforce. Our people are at the centre of our successes and we are committed to bringing diversity to the forefront of the organisation so as to achieve gender parity and representation.

We are proud of the steps that we have taken thus far, and we recognise that there is still work to do. The report provides valuable insight into the current equity, diversity and inclusion landscape within the IRFU, and has outlined the steps that we intend to take in 2024 to continue to reduce our gender pay gap.

IRFU Gender Pay Gap Report 2023