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Let The Takeover Begin: BKT URC Kids Round

Let The Takeover Begin: BKT URC Kids Round

The BKT United Rugby Championship is thrilled to announce that its first ever ‘kids-themed’ round will take place next month as part of the league’s ambition to encourage inclusion in our sport.

Under the umbrella of the BKT URC’s ‘Take on Tomorrow’ social purpose strategy, the Kids Round follows on from the previous success of the Unity and Origin-themed rounds which have celebrated diversity, families, and grassroots communities to great effect this season.

In round 16 (May 10 & 11), the BKT United Rugby Championship will activate ‘Kids Round’ with the overall goal of championing the next generation of sports fans, providing the opportunity for involvement across the match day, and event participating in key roles.

Across round 16, the BKT URC will adopt Kids Round branding across its digital channels & LED boards in stadiums.

Kids will have the opportunity to ‘takeover’ match day and broadcast roles such as the match manager, the player-of-the-match interview, mini referee (coin toss), ground staff, club kit manager, and PA announcer, to list just a few.

The BKT URC wants to provide these opportunities that place a spotlight on how the teams nurture and engage with their next generation of fans, and that match days are the ultimate family friendly event.

Many teams are already looking at unique and bespoke ways to celebrate and connect with younger fans across round 16, and the BKT URC is hugely excited about this first ever kids takeover.

Speaking about this latest initiative, United Rugby Championship CEO Martin Anayi said: “There is such genuine excitement behind the scenes with our teams, broadcasters, and partners about having a weekend dedicated to our youngest and most energetic fans.

“The focus in sport is so often on the heroes that draw children to the game, and now it’s our chance to repay their enthusiasm by building a whole weekend around their participation.

“For anyone with young kids this promises to be a golden opportunity to ensure you get to the stadium for really memorable experience that our teams excel at delivering.”