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IRFU Medical Department Announce Injury Reduction & Nutrition Webinar Series

Nicol van Dyk IRFU Injury Surveillance and Medical Research Officer

Medical Department Webinars

The IRFU’s Medical Department have announced a series of webinars aimed at educating players on a range of topics to help them participate and compete in the 2022/23 season.

These webinars are aimed at players, coaches and parents involved in the domestic game with a particular focus on injury reduction and nutrition, to appropriately prepare them for the upcoming season.

Each webinar includes a short presentation from a subject matter expert and will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions.

Speaking about the Webinar series, IRFU Rugby Development Medical Manager Dr Caithríona Yeomans told IrishRugby.ie:

“We are looking forward to the new season and want to ensure that our players, coaches and parents are all prepared for the demands of the season. We are delighted to have experts in concussion, injury prevention and nutrition share their knowledge and provide some key insights for those involved in our domestic game.”

Webinar 1: Injury Reduction in Rugby

Time: Tuesday 13th September 13:00 – 13:30 

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Presenter:  Dr Nicol van Dyk – Injury Surveillance and Medical Research Officer, IRFU

Suitable:  All Players and Coaches

Description: This webinar will look at how we best prepare players for the demands of rugby. This webinar will focus on the warm-up and long-term injury prevention by helping players develop robustness and fundamental movement skills.

Webinar 2: Women and Girls’ Rugby: Injury Mechanisms and Reduction

Time: Thursday 15th September 13:00 – 13:30 

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Presenter: Dr Caithriona Yeomans, IRFU Medical Manager Developmental Game

Suitable for:  Female Players – Adult and Youth

Description: Women’s rugby is growing rapidly and this webinar will focus on the women’s and girl’s game to help support this growth. This webinar will focus on injuries more commonly seen in women’s/girl’s rugby and highlight specific areas where injury prevention strategies may best be driven.

Webinar 3: Nutrition Considerations for Young Rugby Players

Time: Tuesday 20th September 13:00 – 13:30 

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Presenter: Gary Sweeney, IRFU NTS Pathway Performance Nutritionist

Suitable for:  All Players

Description: This webinar will teach young rugby players how to prepare for rugby training and match activities from a nutritional point of view. This webinar will focus on how to fuel your body and ‘Eat2Compete’.

Webinar 4: Concussion in Rugby: Updates and New Considerations

Time: Thursday 22th September 13:00 – 13:30 

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Presenter: Shane Mooney, IRFU Player Welfare Coordinator

Suitable for:  All Players and Coaches

Description: This webinar will look at the latest updates and information in sports-related concussion and provide a brief overview of the management of a suspected/confirmed concussion and the concussion graduated return to play guidelines.