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Webinar Invite: Online Fundraising Options For Rugby Clubs

Webinar Invite: Online Fundraising Options For Rugby Clubs

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Over 90 clubs have already signed up for a webinar to help them look at online fundraising options. The webinar is open to all clubs with up to four participants from each club permitted. Deadline for registration is Wednesday May 20th at 5pm.

Webinar: Online Fundraising Options For Rugby Clubs

Date: Thursday May 21st

Time: 19:30 – 20:30

What Is The Webinar About:

The webinar will provide clubs with some practical solutions to current fundraising challenges. These will focus on online alternatives to traditional fundraising methods.

The IRFU has received clear feedback from clubs that certain fundraising activities are not possible at present due to public health measures. This webinar will present case studies from clubs who are looking at adapting their fundraising activities to work within COVID-19 restrictions.

Who Should Register:

Volunteers in clubs who are involved in fundraising. Up to four volunteers from any club can participate.

How To Register: Go to https://bit.ly/IRFUWEB.

You will be asked to submit your contact details so that a private link to the webinar can be emailed. You will also be asked to answer three short questions to give a snapshot of current fundraising practices within clubs.

Registration deadline is Wednesday May 20th at 5pm.

Having launched the Club Continuity Fund on April 1st, the IRFU are continuing to work on a framework of activities that will allow clubs to reopen.

Further strategic support initiatives will be announced throughout the summer with a focus on safety, sustainability and inclusivity.

Guidelines for clubs to reopen in adherence to public health measures will be published when appropriate to do so as directed by government.

Speaking about the fundraising webinar, IRFU Director of Rugby Development Colin McEntee said:

“We know that clubs’ ability to raise funds has been severely affected due to COVID-19 restrictions. This is a key time of year for big events and we recognise that it will have a knock-on effect for when rugby clubs can actually open.”

“It was clear from the feedback from the Club Continuity Fund process that we needed to look at some strategic guidance for clubs in the fundraising space.”

“This webinar will offer clear solutions to current fundraising issues and encourage clubs to think differently about their fundraising models.”

Running Order:

Welcome & Introduction: Colin McEntee, Head of Rugby Development IRFU

Case Study 1: Online Lotto

  • How To Set Up and Get Started
  • Best Practise On Engaging With Club Members

Case Study 2: COVID-19 Relief Funding

  • Setting Up A Fundraising Page
  • Reaching Out To Your Community

Case Study 3: E-vents

  • Hosting a community event (e.g. awards) online
  • Monetising your event and adding value for money

– Case Study 4: Subscription Services

  • Engaging Your Community With Content
  • Monetising Your Content

–  Update On IRFU Fundraising Initiatives 

– Other Fundraising Ideas 

– Closing Remarks