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Tour Diary – Training Day

Tour Diary – Training Day

The Ireland squad hit the ground running today with training and gym work either side of their first media conference of the trip.

Fuel is all important and the lads start the day with an incredible breakfast served up in the team hotel before boarding the bus for training.

The setting was the Vukani Field in Westerford High School and the backdrop was simply magnificent.

The advance party of John Moran and Dan Downey arrives ahead of the squad to set up everything from bibs to balls to GPS trackers in the jerseys. 

You can check out more images from training on our Facebook page:

After a tough session it was back to the team hotel to refuel and a packed media session which includes top table interviews, radio and online, written media and of course photography.

There’s plenty of interest from the local media and a few familiar faces from the Irish rugby media are here as well.

The afternoon is given over to strength training in a local gym with the forwards and backs in different groups to ensure that every player also gets a chance to rest.

The day finished off in the team room with the lads watching the Ireland Under-20s stage a spectacular comeback to beat Wales on the opening day of the World Rugby U-20 Championship in Manchester.