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IRFU Tag’s Trial Law Variations for 2016

IRFU Tag’s Trial Law Variations for 2016

Latest version of the official IRFU Tag Laws have been launched and Volkswagen Tag players around Ireland will see further enhancements in place with the aim of keeping this great version of rugby enjoyable for all.

Following feedback from referees, venue managers and players, this season will see some additional Experimental Law Variations in place. These amendments upon the 2015 set of laws will be trialled during the 2016 Spring, Summer and Autumn leagues then reviewed at end of the season.

Variations in place for 2016 season are as follows:-

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Enforced substitution – if a player has been penalised for a number of technical infringements but the referee does not feel a YC is warranted, he / she may instruct the captain to replace the player. There is no time limit for the replacement. An enforced substitution will not be implemented for the same player twice in one match.

Restarts – Each half will commence with a drop off. The restart after a score will be a tap kick on the half way line by the team who conceded the score.

Bonus Point – Any team who lose a game with 5 or less points will receive a losing bonus point. Please note that there are no win bonus points.
Late arrival of a team – it will be the decision of the venue manager how long a game will last should a team arrive late. If a team arrive more than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time they will receive an automatic 5 point penalty for that game.
Playing for more than 1 team. Players may play for more than one team in a venue on a given night if they registered with both teams in week 1. The teams must not be playing in the same grade.
The full IRFU Laws of Tag Rugby document may be downloaded at following link: