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Successful Trial Sees IRFU Partner With ‘myplayXplay’

Successful Trial Sees IRFU Partner With ‘myplayXplay’

The Irish Rugby Football Union today announced a partnership with a Canadian developed software called myplayXplay, following a successful trial of a new live video streaming technology during the recent RBS 6 Nations Championship.

The IRFU began using myplayXplay ™ (‘my-play-by-play’) as part of its live game analysis during the 2013 GUINNESS Series and throughout the 2014 RBS 6 Nations Championship.

The technology, new to professional sports, takes live-streaming video from games as they are being played and sends it to mobile devices so that coaches can analyse game developments in real time.

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The ‘myplayXplay’ software allows coaches and performance analysts to instantly download clips to a tablet with just a tap of a screen and add technical comments to the selected footage.

Footage can be reviewed instantly or stored and reviewed later.

“Live game analysis has been waiting for exceptional, tablet-based software to arrive,” said Mervyn Murphy, head performance analyst of the Ireland national team. “myplayXplay provides excellent support to aid proactive coaching.”

The IRFU will continue to work in partnership with myplayXplay and use the video technology as it prepares for the upcoming summer tour to Argentina and further ahead towards the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

“Combining the world of sports with the newest technology in streaming video to mobile devices is a winning combination,” explained Ivan Reel, CTO of myplayXplay.

“Seeing how the IRFU benefited from being able to capture, synthesise and take advantage of live video gave us a clear example of how simple yet effective technology can be when used in analysing athletic performances.

“We look forward to working with the IRFU to further utilise myplayXplay technology in the future.”