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Girls In Green Draw Big Response During Twitter Q&A Session

Girls In Green Draw Big Response During Twitter Q&A Session

Three members of the Ireland Women’s squad competing at this weekend’s Rugby World Cup Sevens – Ashleigh Baxter, Alison Miller and Lynne Cantwell – took part in a live Q&A session on Twitter on Thursday night.

The girls in green took time out from their preparations for the two-day tournament in Moscow, Russia to give an insight into training, the Sevens game and their careers to date on the IRB’s official Women’s rugby Twitter account.

Ashleigh Baxter, Alison Miller and Lynne Cantwell answered questions from rugby fans at home and abroad, newcomers to the sport.

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And even some from their Grand Slam team-mates, Fiona Coghlan, Niamh Briggs and Niamh Kavanagh, and the squad’s strength and conditioning coach Ross Callaghan got in on the act, using the hashtag #AskGIG.

There was a prize on offer of a signed Ireland jersey for the best question, but such was the response that they added a second signed shirt with Shane Culleton and Christine Hanley chosen as the worthy winners.

You can relive the Twitter Q&A session with our recap below:

Q: @NorthantsRugby: What’s the best way to promote Women’s rugby on a local level? To give women the confidence to play?

A: Lynne: Exploiting the success of our Grand Slam win this year was a great way to promote the game! It gave girls role models.

Q: @LarryBarryIre: Was playing for Ireland always a big dream from a young age or was it something that just happened?

A: Ashleigh: I watched Ireland when I was 17 and I had my kitbag in the car!!!

Q: @RichmondFC1861: What was Lynne’s favourite trophy win this year: Six Nations, Richmond’s Players’ Player or the legendary Tapewoman award?

A: Lynne: As nice as it was to win the Tapewoman award, winning the Grand Slam was a lifetime achievement!

Q: @busher18: What is the biggest difference between 7s and 15s and which do you prefer?

A: Ashleigh: 7s is a quicker game and 15s is more tactical.

Q: @LarryBarryIre: In my opinion the Women’s matches should be played at least in the RDS! Are you happy with where they are played?

A: Lynne: Ashbourne has become a fortress for us, but at the same time we still aspire to play in bigger grounds.

Q: @elise_squirrel: If you were an animal what would you be?

A: Alison: I’d like to be a gazelle!!! Being graceful is very important to me!

Q: @ShaneCulleton: Does Ali prefer chips from Ninos or Donies (in Portlaoise)?

A: Alison: I don’t really eat chips but I’ve tried both and I’ll have to go for Donies.

Q: @tomchick85: I’d like to know what the best hashtag you’ve ever seen is?

A: Lynne: #pushthefatbackintoyourleg

Q: @ShaneCulleton: Could Lynne tell us what is the best and biggest difference that Women’s rugby has made to her life?

A: Lynne: It’s allowed me to meet and work with like-minded people, to allow me and us to reach our potential.

Q: @NiamhBriggs15: Could you ask Lynne how many more World Cups she plans on playing? #machine #neverstops #willbetherein2018

A: Lynne: What the hell?! I’m only a spring chicken!

Q: @katemc79: Who has the biggest toiletry bag?

A: Ashleigh: @jennymurphy045 because she carries all her curlers. Her hair is naturally straight!

Q: @Bryceisarugger: What made you want to play rugby and what obstacles did you face to make it this far?

A: Ashleigh: I enjoy playing every sport. People’s perceptions of Women’s rugby.

Q: @rugbywilson: How are you dealing with the heat in Moscow? Do you use pre-cooling methods or do you just take it as it comes?

A: Alison: Dealing with the heat well. We have air con and I use a wet cloth on my face.

Q: @tomchick85: Who are your sporting idols?

A: Lynne: Michael Johnson growing up and @BrianODriscoll. 

Q: @LarryBarryIre: Who is your favourite male rugby player?

A: Lynne: @BrianODriscoll. Ashleigh: @SeanOBrien1987. Alison: @TommyBowe14 #freeshoes.

Q: @ZoeZt91: How do you manage your personal/social life since you’ve become an international?

A: Ashleigh: It’s hard, but I enjoy socialising with my team-mates.

Q: @Kristian7Ross: What’s your favourite type of jam, out of raspberry and strawberry?

A: All: Unanimously raspberry!

Q: maeve_c_: Congrats on all you’ve achieved! Do you have to subsidise cover at work, etc. when away on comps like the 7s?

A: Ashleigh and Alison are students and Lynne uses annual leave.

Q: Lyndal1985: Are you going to do a tour of the small clubs with the Six Nations trophy? The @BallyshannonRFC ladies would love to see it!

A: Lynne: The cup has a hectic social life and has been lots of places. Contact us and we’ll pay a visit.

Q: @RossCallaghan5 (the squad’s strength and conditioning coach): I was joking earlier but I really do need my adapter now Lynne?

A: Lynne: Knock on my door!

Q: @Natasha077: Who is the best and most fun national team you’ve ever played against?

A: All: Unanimously – the Spanish. Serious on the pitch, good craic off it. Similar humour.

Q: @CoghlanFiona: Ask Lynne does she prefer playing video games or chess and why?

A: Lynne: Video games! Evidence here and here.

Q: @RodgerMcBurney: Do you prefer a slider, 99 or a screwball?

A: Ashleigh: Screwball!

Q: @7sRugbyIreland: Your achievements have been amazing in such a short space of time. Do you think a successful men’s Irish team could follow?

A: Alison: There’s raw talent in Ireland to be successful in whatever we put our minds to.

Q: @AishlingDG: Odd question but am curious. Do you guys get a lot of harrassment for playing a ‘guys” game? My husband is quite critical.

A: Alison: No, I don’t at all. My boyfriend plays rugby and I get a lot of support.

Q: @JustinIRFU: Rigged and requested question (by David Keane) for Lynne: Who is her favourite international Sevens referee?

A: Lynne: @keane_ref because he puts up with lip!!

Q: @Audacity_of_Me: What do you find to be the most effective pre-game warm-up?

A: Ashleigh: I like a light warm-up. Alison: I like it short and intense! Lynne: I like a gradual build-up until I reach my peak!

Q: @A_Green_Salad: How are the girls getting their chocolate fix?

A: Ashleigh: We came prepared and our team manager @gemmacrowley has a stash in her room! #wemissrockyroadinroganstown

Q: @click_here: After the Six Nations, and now the #RWC7s, World Cup & Olympics on the way – are we gonna need a bigger trophy cabinet?

A: Ashleigh: I hope so!

Q: @TecwynDavies: Would you prefer playing in the @irbwomens WSWS or the #RWC7s?

A: Lynne: Both are brilliant competitions, but the Rugby World Cup Sevens is special as all the teams are together. #menseyecandy 😉

Q: @Mekekka: What was the one thing that made you decide to take the plunge and start playing rugby? (Might inspire more ladies to get involved!)

A: Lynne: Munster Rugby (Caught the bug!). Alison: Friends who were coaches. Ashleigh: Started with Tag rugby!

Q: @ChristineH95: What advice would they give to someone who is not very sporty at the moment but would like to get into rugby?

A: All: There’s a place for everyone in rugby. Find your local club and get involved.

Q: @Senordomkelly: Is this your first live twitter chat? Are you hooked?

A: Lynne: Have I ever lived before?! #nothingbetterthansomefineinteraction

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