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How To Find A Team

How To Find A Team

There are players seeking teams and teams seeking players. Here is how teams/players can be found, contacted and recruited or signed-up to.

Finding A Team or Player

1) Join the Volkswagen Tag Facebook group (– click here) and post availability there.

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2) Go to the venue itself at the start of the season. Our Venue Managers will endeavour to find you a team or your team a player. This is 99.9% successful.
Can happen on an open night before leagues take place or when they start.

Teams of ‘Randomers‘ can be found at each and every venue so make full use of the channels of communication available to you.

With the season not far away, this is the time to get searching.

Keep checking in on the Facebook group, then later on as season kicks-off, the IRFU Twitter page (@irfurugby).

None of the above costs a cent to do and is without any contractual issues whatsoever.