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Events At Bud Light Tag Clubs

Events At Bud Light Tag Clubs

Your local Bud Light Tag venue is not only alive on the field but after games also. Venues all around Ireland put on post-match ‘Apres Tag’ events throughout the season. From hypnotist shows to World Cup parties, the ‘Game of Two Halves’ is enjoyed by Bud Light Tag players and their supporters everywhere.

As Bud Light Tag expands, so does the variety of different events that will take place over the course of the summer.

With the announcemet of Bud Light Tag’s BEACH TAG dates, players can choose from four great beach locations around Ireland.

And that’s not all!

Entrants can win tickets for their Beach Tag team to go see the first ever rugby match played at the Aviva Stadium.
Entrants for Dingle’s Beach Tag can win two nights’ accomodation at the Dingle Skellig Hotel plus their team entry fee paid for them in a prize worth over €;2,000!

Too read more about Beach Tag, click HERE.
At the Bud Light Tag venues themselves, special nights are held through the season – truly making it a ‘Game of Two Halves’.
This week, for example, the following takes place:
Table Quiz at St Marys College RFC 
School Sports Day & Tag-o-War at Enniscorthy RFC 
“T-araoke” at Suttonians RFC 
Cowboys & Indians Fancy Dress at Waterpark RFC 
World Cup Party at Blackrock College RFC Tag Venue 
The Events Calendar is updated all summer with any special occasions to take note of. Bookmark it and check
in regularly to see if anything that is about to happen might take your Bud Light Tag team’s fancy.