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AIB League Fixtures Announced

AIB League Fixtures Announced

The new AIB League season will kick off in style on Saturday, October 3 with a series of mouth-watering local derbies getting the action underway in Division 1A.

Champions Shannon will kick off their AIB League title defence with a trip to Dooradoyle to face local rivals Garryowen, the team they beat in last season’s semi-final.

Division 1A of the AIB League kicks off with three local derbies that promise to get the season off to a flying start.

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In addition to the Dooradoyle clash, Musgrave Park will be the venue for the Cork derby between Dolphin and Cork Constitution, while Templeville Road will see St. Mary’s College host last season’s beaten finalists Clontarf.

The final game of the opening round sees UL Bohemians play host to Blackrock College in an interprovincial tie that produced seven tries last season.

The newly-created AIB League Division 1B promises to be a hotly-contested section this season with the reward for the league winner being a place in the overall Division One play-offs and a crack at the title.

Newly-promoted UCC will be aiming to make a mark as the highest ranked of the College sides, while Division Two champions Ballynahinch will be hoping to add to their amazing silverware haul from last season.

The Cork students travel to Anglesea Road for their first game against Old Belvedere, while ‘Hinch face their Ulster rivals Ballymena first time out.

In AIB League Division 2, all eyes will be on Lansdowne who missed out on promotion in the last game of the season.

They open their account this season with a trip to Old Wesley who captured the Division Three and promotion last term.

Terenure College and UCD will be hoping to bounce back to top flight status after a disappointing 2008/09 campaign.

‘Nure, with new coach Ian ‘Moggy’ Morgan on board, will get their campaign underway away to Dublin University, while UCD will host the newly-promoted Corinthians.

In AIB League Division 3, Navan will set out their stall with a trip to provincial rivals County Carlow.

Meanwhile, Queen’s University will be hoping to mount a strong promotion challenge again this season. Their first game is at home to Banbridge.

Instonians and Wanderers, both of whom dropped down from the second tier of the league last season, face opening day clashes with local provincial rivals. ‘Inst face Portadown, while Wanderers will be at home to Suttonians.

All games will kick off at 2.30pm.

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AIB League Fixtures 2009/2010

AIB League Division 1A   
Saturday 3rd October 
Dolphin  v Cork Constitution
Garryowen v Shannon
St. Mary’s College v Clontarf
U.L. Bohemian v Blackrock College
Saturday 10th October 
Blackrock College v Garryowen
Clontarf v Dolphin
Cork Constitution v U.L. Bohemian
Shannon v St. Mary’s College
Saturday 24th October 
Blackrock College v Cork Constitution
Dolphin v Shannon
Garryowen v St. Mary’s College
U.L. Bohemian v Clontarf
Saturday 31st October 
Clontarf v Blackrock College
Cork Constitution v Garryowen
Shannon v U.L. Bohemian
St. Mary’s College v Dolphin
Saturday 14th November 
Blackrock College v Shannon
Cork Constitution v Clontarf
Garryowen v Dolphin
U.L. Bohemian v St. Mary’s College
Saturday 5th December 
Dolphin  v U.L. Bohemian
Garryowen v Clontarf
Shannon v Cork Constitution
St. Mary’s College v Blackrock College
Saturday 12th December 
Blackrock College v Dolphin
Clontarf v Shannon
Cork Constitution v St. Mary’s College
U.L. Bohemian v Garryowen
Saturday 9th January 
Dolphin  v Clontarf
Garryowen v Blackrock College
St. Mary’s College v Shannon
U.L. Bohemian v Cork Constitution

Saturday 16th January 
Clontarf v U.L. Bohemian
Cork Constitution v Blackrock College
Shannon v Dolphin
St. Mary’s College v Garryowen
Saturday 23rd January 
Blackrock College v Clontarf
Dolphin  v St. Mary’s College
Garryowen v Cork Constitution
U.L. Bohemian v Shannon
Saturday 20th February
Clontarf v Cork Constitution
Dolphin v Garryowen
Shannon v Blackrock College
St. Mary’s College v U.L. Bohemian
Saturday 6th March 
Blackrock College v St. Mary’s College
Clontarf v Garryowen
Cork Constitution v Shannon
U.L. Bohemian v Dolphin
Saturday 27th March 
Dolphin  v Blackrock College
Garryowen v U.L. Bohemian
Shannon v Clontarf
St. Mary’s College v Cork Constitution
Saturday 10th April 
Blackrock College v U.L. Bohemian
Clontarf v St. Mary’s College
Cork Constitution v Dolphin
Shannon v Garryowen

AIB League Division 1B   
Saturday 3rd October 
Ballymena v Ballynahinch
Galwegians v Dungannon
Old Belvedere v  U.C.C.
Young Munster v Buccaneers
Saturday 10th October 
Ballynahinch v Galwegians
Buccaneers v Old Belvedere
Dungannon v Young Munster
U.C.C. v Ballymena
Saturday 24th October 
Ballymena v Buccaneers
Dungannon v Ballynahinch
Galwegians v U.C.C.
Young Munster v Old Belvedere
Saturday 31st October 
Ballynahinch v Young Munster
Buccaneers v Galwegians
Old Belvedere v Ballymena
U.C.C. v Dungannon
Saturday 14th November 
Ballynahinch v U.C.C.
Dungannon v Buccaneers
Galwegians v Old Belvedere
Young Munster v Ballymena
Saturday 5th December 
Ballymena v Galwegians
Buccaneers v Ballynahinch
Old Belvedere v Dungannon
Young Munster v U.C.C.
Saturday 12th December 
Ballynahinch v Old Belvedere
Dungannon v Ballymena
Galwegians v Young Munster
U.C.C. v Buccaneers
Saturday 9th January 
Ballymena v U.C.C.
Galwegians v Ballynahinch
Old Belvedere v Buccaneers
Young Munster v Dungannon
Saturday 16th January 
Ballynahinch v Dungannon
Buccaneers v Ballymena
Old Belvedere v Young Munster
U.C.C. v Galwegians
Saturday 23rd January 
Ballymena v Old Belvedere
Dungannon v U.C.C.
Galwegians v Buccaneers
Young Munster v Ballynahinch
Saturday 20th February 
Ballymena v Young Munster
Buccaneers v Dungannon
Old Belvedere v Galwegians
U.C.C. v Ballynahinch
Saturday 6th March 
Ballynahinch v Buccaneers
Dungannon v Old Belvedere
Galwegians v Ballymena
U.C.C. v Young Munster
Saturday 27th March
Ballymena v Dungannon
Buccaneers v U.C.C.
Old Belvedere v Ballynahinch
Young Munster v Galwegians
Saturday 10th April
Ballynahinch v Ballymena
Buccaneers v Young Munster
Dungannon v Galwegians
U.C.C. v Old Belvedere
AIB League Division Two   
Saturday 3rd October 
Belfast Harlequins v Old Crescent 
D.L.S.P. v Clonakilty 
Dublin University v Terenure College 
Highfield v Bruff 
Malone v Bective Rangers 
Old Wesley v Lansdowne 
Thomond v Greystones 
U.C.D. v Corinthians 
Saturday 10th October 
Bective Rangers v Old Crescent 
Bruff v Lansdowne 
Clonakilty v Belfast Harlequins 
D.L.S.P. v Malone 
Greystones v U.C.D. 
Highfield v Old Wesley 
Terenure College v Corinthians 
Thomond v Dublin University 
Saturday 24th October 
Belfast Harlequins v Greystones 
Corinthians v Bective Rangers 
Dublin University v D.L.S.P. 
Lansdowne v Clonakilty 
Malone v Highfield 
Old Crescent v Bruff 
Old Wesley v Terenure College 
U.C.D. v Thomond 
Saturday 31st October 
Bective Rangers v Belfast Harlequins 
Bruff v U.C.D. 
Clonakilty v Dublin University 
Corinthians v Old Crescent 
D.L.S.P. v Old Wesley 
 Greystones v Malone 
Terenure College v Lansdowne 
Thomond v Highfield 
Saturday 14th November 
Belfast Harlequins v Bruff 
Dublin University v Greystones 
Highfield v D.L.S.P. 
Lansdowne v Bective Rangers 
Malone v Thomond 
Old Crescent v Terenure College 
Old Wesley v Corinthians 
U.C.D. v Clonakilty 
Saturday 5th December
Bective Rangers  v Highfield 
Bruff v D.L.S.P. 
Clonakilty v Thomond 
Corinthians v Dublin University 
Greystones v Old Wesley 
Lansdowne v Belfast Harlequins 
Old Crescent v U.C.D. 
Terenure College v Malone 
Saturday 12th December 
Belfast Harlequins v Terenure College 
D.L.S.P. v Thomond 
Dublin University v Bruff 
Highfield v Greystones 
Lansdowne v Corinthians 
Malone v Clonakilty 
Old Wesley v Old Crescent 
U.C.D. v Bective Rangers 
Saturday 9th January 
Bective Rangers v Dublin University 
Bruff v Malone 
Clonakilty v Highfield 
Corinthians v Belfast Harlequins 
Greystones v D.L.S.P. 
Old Crescent v Lansdowne 
Terenure College v U.C.D. 
Thomond v Old Wesley 
Saturday 16th January 
D.L.S.P. v Bective Rangers 
Dublin University v Old Crescent 
Greystones v Clonakilty 
Highfield v Terenure College 
Malone v Corinthians 
Old Wesley v Belfast Harlequins 
Thomond v Bruff 
U.C.D. v Lansdowne 
Saturday 23rd January 
Belfast Harlequins v U.C.D. 
Bruff v Greystones 
Corinthians v Highfield 
Lansdowne v Dublin University 
Old Crescent v Malone 
Old Wesley v Clonakilty 
Terenure College v D.L.S.P. 
Sunday 24th January 
Bective Rangers v Thomond 
Saturday 30th January
Belfast Harlequins v D.L.S.P. 
Corinthians v Clonakilty 
Dublin University v Malone 
Lansdowne v Thomond 
Old Crescent v Greystones 
Old Wesley v Bective Rangers 
Terenure College v Bruff 
U.C.D. v Highfield 
Saturday 20th February
Bective Rangers  v Terenure College 
Bruff v Corinthians 
Clonakilty v Old Crescent 
D.L.S.P. v U.C.D. 
Greystones v Lansdowne 
Highfield v Dublin University 
Malone v Old Wesley 
Thomond v Belfast Harlequins 
Saturday 6th March 
Bective Rangers v Clonakilty 
Belfast Harlequins v Malone 
Corinthians v Thomond 
Lansdowne v Highfield 
Old Crescent v D.L.S.P. 
 Old Wesley v Bruff 
Terenure College v Greystones 
U.C.D. v Dublin University 
Sunday 7th March 
Old Wesley v Bruff 
Saturday 27th March 
Bruff v Bective Rangers 
Clonakilty v Terenure College 
D.L.S.P. v Lansdowne 
Dublin University v Old Wesley 
Greystones v Corinthians 
Highfield v Belfast Harlequins 
Malone v U.C.D. 
Thomond v Old Crescent 
Saturday 10th April 
Clonakilty v Bruff 
D.L.S.P. v Corinthians 
Dublin University v Belfast Harlequins 
Greystones v Bective Rangers 
Highfield v Old Crescent 
Malone v Lansdowne 
Thomond v Terenure College 
U.C.D. v Old Wesley   
AIB League Division Three
Saturday 3rd October 
Ards v Barnhall 
Co. Carlow v Navan 
Instonians v Portadown
Naas v Midleton
Nenagh Ormond v Connemara
Queens University v Banbridge
Rainey Old Boys v Sunday’s Well
Wanderers v Suttonians
Saturday 10th October 
Banbridge v Instonians
Barnhall v Rainey Old Boys
Connemara v Ards
Midleton v Queens University
Navan v Naas
Portadown v Nenagh Ormond
Sunday’s Well v Wanderers
Suttonians v Co. Carlow
Saturday 24th October 
Ards v Wanderers
Co. Carlow v Banbridge
Instonians v Barnhall
Naas v Portadown
Navan v Midleton
Nenagh Ormond v Sunday’s Well
Queens University v Connemara
Rainey Old Boys v Suttonians
Saturday 31st October 
Banbridge v Naas
Barnhall v Nenagh Ormond
Connemara v Instonians
Midleton v Co. Carlow
Portadown v Queens University
 Sunday’s Well v Ards
Suttonians v Navan
Wanderers v Rainey Old Boys
Saturday 14th November 
Ards v Portadown
Instonians v Midleton
Naas v Co. Carlow
Nenagh Ormond v Banbridge
Queens University v Navan
Rainey Old Boys v Connemara
Sunday’s Well v Suttonians
Wanderers v Barnhall
Saturday 5th December 
Banbridge v Ards
Barnhall v Sunday’s Well
Co. Carlow v Queens University
Connemara v Wanderers
Midleton v Nenagh Ormond
Navan v Instonians
Portadown v Rainey Old Boys
Suttonians v Naas
Saturday 12th December 
Ards v Midleton
Instonians v Co. Carlow
Nenagh Ormond v Navan
Queens University v Naas
Rainey Old Boys v Banbridge
Sunday’s Well v Connemara
Suttonians v Barnhall
Wanderers v Portadown
Saturday 9th January 
Banbridge v Wanderers
Co. Carlow v Nenagh Ormond
Connemara v Barnhall
Midleton v Rainey Old Boys
Naas v Instonians
Navan v Ards
Portadown v Sunday’s Well
Queens University v Suttonians
Saturday 16th January 
Ards v Co. Carlow
Barnhall v Portadown
Instonians v Queens University
Nenagh Ormond v Naas
Rainey Old Boys v Navan
Sunday’s Well v Banbridge
Suttonians v Connemara
Wanderers v Midleton
Saturday 23rd January 
Banbridge v Barnhall
Co. Carlow v Rainey Old Boys
Instonians v Suttonians
Midleton v Sunday’s Well
Naas v Ards
Navan v Wanderers
Portadown v Connemara
Queens University v Nenagh Ormond
Saturday 30th January 
Ards v Queens University
Barnhall v Midleton
Connemara v Banbridge
Nenagh Ormond v Instonians
Rainey Old Boys v Naas
Sunday’s Well v Navan
Suttonians v Portadown
Wanderers v Co. Carlow
Saturday 20th February 
Banbridge v Portadown
Co. Carlow v Sunday’s Well
Instonians v Ards
Midleton v Connemara
Naas v Wanderers
Navan v Barnhall
Nenagh Ormond v Suttonians
Queens University v Rainey Old Boys
Saturday 6th March 
Ards v Nenagh Ormond
Barnhall v Co. Carlow
Connemara v Navan
Portadown v Midleton
Rainey Old Boys v Instonians
 Sunday’s Well v Naas
Suttonians v Banbridge
Wanderers v Queens University
Saturday 27th March 
Ards v Suttonians
Co. Carlow v Connemara
Instonians v Wanderers
Midleton v Banbridge
Naas v Barnhall
Navan v Portadown
Nenagh Ormond v Rainey Old Boys
Queens University v Sunday’s Well
Saturday 10th April 
Banbridge v Navan
Barnhall v Queens University
Connemara v Naas
Portadown v Co. Carlow
Rainey Old Boys v Ards
Sunday’s Well v Instonians
Suttonians v Midleton
Wanderers v Nenagh Ormond