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Six Nations Ticket Warning

Six Nations Ticket Warning

The Irish Rugby Supporters Club would like to remind all members of the dangers of buying or reselling tickets through unauthorised channels.

The terms and conditons for tickets prohibits the reselling of tickets above face value or through online auction sites such as ebay.

The IRFU in conjunction with other unions regularly monitor such sites and tickets sold in this manner can be cancelled and sanctions imposed on the relevant person. Members of the Supporters Club who are found to be in breach of the terms and conditions of the ticket purchase will have their tickets cancelled and be expelled from the club.

Fans are asked not to purchase tickets through unauthorised channels as this only encourages such behaviour and does not contribute any money to the development of Irish rugby. Fans also risk ending up with forged, stolen or cancelled tickets and may be refused entry to the relevant game.

Members who cannot attend a particular game that they have a ticket for are facilitated through the Supporters Club to pass these tickets to another member so they may benefit.