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Ask Paul: Volume 3

Ask Paul: Volume 3

Have Ireland gone stale? Spilt wine? Can we beat France? Paul answers your questions.

Ask Paul is available in full on IRFU mobile internet sites with O2


Do you think we have a chance of beating France and Argentina or are we only kidding ourselves that we are a presence in world rugby? (Brian Fox)

Paul O’Connell: We’re only addressing the French game at the moment and that’s our sole focus. A general answer to the question is that yes we are capable of beating both teams. We have been making too many errors and that’s denying us the continuity we need to play the way we want to play. It’s up to us to get that right. We have got to show mental strength on Friday as well as cutting out the stupid mistakes. This team, this bunch of players has the ability to do that and that’s what we want to prove against France.


When will you get the red wine stains off Frankie’s wall? (Bean)

POC: I suppose I’d better explain this. I was throwing a rugby ball in my Munster team-mate Frankie Roche’s house and it hit a bottle of wine and splashed over the wall. So tell Frankie that I have been in touch with a painting and decorating firm and booked them to restore the place to pristine condition. It’ll probably be the first time the house has looked that good. It’s not been forgotten.


Do you think that Ireland have gone a bit stale and that Eddie needs to be harder on those who don’t perform and bring in some fresh talent? (Aaron).

POC: I don’t agree that we’re stale but do accept that we have played well below what we have come accept as the minimum standards we set for ourselves. It’s hugely frustrating and believe me we’re trying to find the answers. I don’t think it’s permanent and hope that will be reflected on Friday night. The players who are chosen accept the responsibility is theirs to play our way out of this situation. You could make wholesale changes but it’s not necessarily the answer. This team achieved success in the Six Nations so we know we’re capable of hitting the levels we need to win the game against France.