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Ask Paul: Paul O’Connell Answers Your Questions

Ask Paul: Paul O’Connell Answers Your Questions

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Paul O’Connell answers your questions throughout the Rugby World Cup.

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Over to the Big Man:

Rosemary Brown: Do you have lucky underwear for each game and what type of rituals do you go through before a game?

POC: I suppose the only thing that I would consciously do would be to bless myself just before going on the pitch. I remember reading English rower Steve Redgrave’s autobiography and the realisation that the superstitions he had were holding him back. He realised that he didn’t need those emotional crutches and in some respects they were ready made excuses. Just because you’re not wearing a lucky pair of shorts doesn’t mean you can’t win. There are plenty of guys who are superstitious. For example Donncha O’Callaghan puts on a new pair of white socks under his rugby ones before each game.

Gary Disley: Excluding Irish players who would be your selection for a second row partner if you could chose from anyone in the world game. Secondly if there was an Wallaby, an All Black and a Springbok and you only had enough money to but one of them a pint who would it be?

POC: The answer to the first part of the question would be the South African second row Victor Matfield. He is a brilliant athlete. He performs the basics of the position superbly but is also a huge contributor in general play because he’s a fine footballer; very mobile with great hands. As to the second part, I’d probably buy them all a soft drink if the money would stretch that far.

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