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IRFU TAG Playoffs

IRFU TAG Playoffs

Now it gets interesting. After weeks of tag fun around the provinces we are into the playoff season. Will there be any shocks? Before we get underway just a quick reminder of the playoff rules…

In the event of a drawn game after 40 mins of normal time in a FINALS fixture

The following will occur in order decide a winner.
3 minutes of extra time will be played.
– A coin toss will be taken before this extra time takes place and the winner of this coin toss will decide whether they wish to receive or kick the extra time kick off.
– Winner of game will be decided by the first team to score a try in this 3 minutes of allotted extra time ie. a “Golden Try
– If neither team scores a try in the allotted 3 minutes of extra time then the winner will be the team who reached the tied score first.
   For example:

In normal game time, Team A scores a try to make the score 6 – 5. Team B equalises before full normal time is up thus bringing the score to 6 – 6. Therefore, if extra time produces no scores (ie no “Golden Try” winner), the Winner of the fixture declared will be Team A.