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Play Tag at the Westport Tag Rugby Festival

Play Tag at the Westport Tag Rugby Festival

Its Tag Rugby time in Mayo! On the 5th and 6th of May the Westport Tag Rugby Festival takes place.

Tag Rugby is truly becoming the best way to enjoy rugby in summertime and its social side too. The Westport Tag Rugby Festival which takes place next bank holiday weekend (5th and 6th May) promises to be a fantastic day for all, be they participating as a player or attending to enjoy the social event as a whole.

The competition proper will take place in League format over the Saturday & Sunday with finals taking place Sunday afternoon. In addition to entertainment being provided ‘on site’ during the event each night of the weekend there will be organised social events in prominent hotels in the town.

To register to play or see further details go to http://www.destinationwestport.com/register.html.

See you in Westport for a wonderful weekend!