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Fans View – Supporters Club Predictions

Fans View – Supporters Club Predictions

We asked some more members of the Irish Rugby Supporters Club for their views on tomorrow’s game and some score predictions.

…”Is it bigger than the Spire do ye think lads?” Ireland fans pose in front of Paris’ Eiffel Tower this afternoon…

Continuing our fans view series, we asked some more members of the Irish Rugby Supporters Club for their views on the game tomorrow.

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Liam, from Lucan (he is married to a French Woman so he has to be careful):

“I dread this match- I only ever want three things from rugby, watching Ireland win, watching France win and watching whoever is playing against England win – this is the weekend of the Six Nations when I know that I won’t get one of the first two. (Ed: but Italy might give you the third!)

We have a massive advantage in the lineout, as we are generally strong there and swapping in Ibanez won’t cure all the problems France have in that area. We are going to be in serious trouble in the scrum, as when everything else was falling asunder, it was the one part of the French game which functioned (but Laporte has decided to beef it up anyway)

So a prediction? To win Ireland need not to fear a French backlash – the Scots gave us the template, get into their faces early and stop them shaping the game, we certainly have the forwards to do that in the loose and the lineouts, and a back line capable of pressing home the advantage. On Sunday by the time the French got to their senses, it was ten minutes into the second half and they were 17 points down.”

Jane from Dublin (A regular contributor to the Supporters Club Forum):

“I am expecting a repeat of 2000 with a huge effort coming from the Irish team all over the field.

This will take a big effort form the pack with Laporte recalling a number of France’s more experienced campaigners. However if Ireland can breakeven in the forwards and move the ball to the back line quickly then they will be able to release O’Driscoll and D’Arcy into space. Ronan O’Gara’s contribution will also be important with field position going to be of huge importance in defending against the speedy French attack and O’Gara ensuring he finds the corners on all occasions. So after a close fought battle I’m predicting Ireland to win by three points.

Also predicting the fans to be in fine voice after a disappointing display of ‘support’ at the Italy game. The Fields of Athenry will be resounding around Stade de France eclipsing fans of Les Bleu. Back here in Ireland, those who aren’t lucky enough to be at the game (like myself…sob sob…) will be in various watering holes throughout Ireland cheering our lads in green on. A mass hangover, loss of voices and content fans across the Emerald Isle also predicted for Sunday.

Best of luck Boys….”

Predictions: Most of our Supporters Club Members are going for a tight scoreline:

France 21 V Ireland 25 – Brumguy
France 17 V Ireland 23 – Kermit
France 33 V Ireland 17 – Moore1
France 18 V Ireland 20 – Dangerous

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