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IRFU Announces New Governance Model

IRFU Announces New Governance Model

At the Annual General Meeting of the Irish Rugby
Football Union, newly elected President of the
Union, Mr John Quilligan, announced details of a new model of governance for the IRFU.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Irish Rugby
Football Union,
the newly elected President of the
Union, Mr John Quilligan, announced the decision of the Union’s highest authority, the IRFU Council, to establish a new model of governance for the IRFU and
the game in Ireland.

The key elements of the new governance model are the introduction of a
Management Committee and four standing committees to take
responsibility for Finance, the Professional/ Representative Game, the Domestic Game and Commercial/Marketing.

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Making the announcement the President of the IRFU, Mr John Quilligan, said, We are firmly of the belief that this new model will enable the IRFU to move forwards to address the challenges of governing the game of rugby in Ireland in the context of a rapidly evolving professional sporting
environment. We look forward to the new impetus these changes will bring to the Union and to Irish rugby for the betterment of the game we all love and support.”

The Management Committee will be given the formal authority to
co-ordinate and execute the implementation of IRFU policy, currently a role carried out in part by the IRFU Officer Group on an informal basis. It also provides the opportunity to match the skills sets of its membership with the needs
of the Union. The Management Committee’s terms of reference will be to:

Oversee the implementation of IRFU policy
Report to the IRFU Committee on a regular and timely basis
Establish Sub Committees as required, with the approval of the IRFU Committee.

Underpinning the new governance structure is a professional staff led by the
Chief Executive, Philip Browne, which provides the support necessary to deliver and implement the strategy.

The announcement represents a substantive development for both the Union and the Irish rugby community it serves. The initiative to change the existing governance model came from the strategic planning process currently underway within the IRFU. The new model, which required changes to the laws
of the Union, is reflective of the rapidly evolving sporting environment that Rugby Union operates in.

The IRFU is adopting a model of best practice for an international sporting
body having reviewed the structures used both by other rugby unions and other leading sporting organisations. The IRFU also factored the advice of external consultants, including Genesis, Deloitte & Touche and ASMT Limited,
into their decision.

Te new governance model takes account of the vital role of the volunteer through a continued democratic process and which also provides for:

7The strengthening of the leadership structures at Union level
7The dynamic and efficient maximisation of resources, people and expertise
7Focus by the IRFU Committee on policy and setting the direction for Irish
Rugby rather than over-focus on information and operations.
7A new Management Committee to co-ordinate the implementation of these policies and to provide the critical link between the IRFU Committee, Sub
Committees and professional staff.
7Clarity in terms of who sets policy and who is responsible for its
7The establishment of clear terms of reference and powers of implementation
within defined limits for the four Standing Committees.
7The invigoration and empowerment of the voluntary structures through making their role more meaningful.
7The clear input to the management of Irish Rugby by
professional staff at senior management level.

To ensure continuity the irman of the Management Committee,
will be independent of the Branches or clubs, will be appointed by the IRFU Committee for a three-year period, subject to annual review. Likewise the Chairmen of the four key Standing Committees will also be appointed for a
three-year period, albeit on a staggered basis, again to ensure