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Celtic League Introduces ‘Golden Point’.

Celtic League Introduces ‘Golden Point’.

We have the ‘golden goal’ to decide ties in soccer then why not a ‘golden point’ to sort out tied matches in rugby ? Iit’s about to be introduced in the knock-out stages of the Celtic League

The Celtic League will set the trend when it introduces the exciting initiative of rugby’s version of soccer’s ‘golden goal’ to decide any tied matches in the knock-out stages of the tournament.

The ‘golden point’ will operate with immediate effect and will initially be used to settle any tied quarter-final at the end of the month.

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Following discussions with their broadcasting partners, the Celtic League Association have amended the tournament regulations regarding tied matches in all the knock-out stages. In the event of tied matches in the 2002/2003 tournament, and future quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals of the Celtic League, the following criteria will apply to determine the winner:
a) The first team to score (golden point) during extra time that shall not exceed 10 minutes (five minutes each way).
b) The team who has scored most tries in regular time (80 minutes) of the tied match.
c) In the quarter-finals and semi-finals the away team.

In the Celtic League final the winner will be determined by a) followed by b) above. If still unresolved the winner will be:
d) The team with the fewer red cards over the knock-out stages
e)The team with the fewer yellow cards over the knock-out stages
f) Toss of a coin.

“The introduction of the golden point’ to determine the winner of a Celtic League knock-out match that ends in a draw will enhance the sudden death nature of the match and provide a clear-cut winner,” said Bill Watson, Chairman of the Celtic League Association.

Meanwhile, Munster, Connacht, Pontypridd and Neath will have huge added incentives to win their Celtic League quarter-finals at the end of the month – they will then have home advantage in the semi-finals in the new year.
The draw, made at the Six Nations Championship offices in Dublin yesterday (11th November) mean the semi-finals on the first weekend in January, 2003, will be played at either Thomond Park, Galway Sportsground, Sardis Road or The Gnoll.
The decision of the Celtic League Association to stage the semi-finals at genuine home grounds, rather than neutral venues in the country of those teams drawn at home, should maximise attendances with home supporters not forced to travel away, albeit in their own country.
(To be played 3 / 4 January, 2003)
Munster or Connacht v Glasgow Rugby or Ulster
Pontypridd or Neath v Edinburgh Rugby or Cardiff