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What They Said On The Messageboard

What They Said On The Messageboard

What They Said On The Messageboard

” EOS has Ireland in reverse. ROG bottles it in big matches. It’s inevitable – altho’ it hurts to say ” said Noah Fence setting the tone for some truly cringe-making comment such as,.

” There’s a breaking story on the Irish Examiner website that BOD will be captain on Saturday and that great new Irish back-row hope, Victor Costello will play at blind-side , Oh dear, we’re going to get slaughtered. After the squad was announced I thought we were FUBAR ! Now I’m sure of it ! What is EOS smoking” asked Mark Lane. – Well whatever it is it’s certainly much more harmless than whatever you’re smoking Mark!

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“EOS has to be taking the piss with Costello at no. 6! How the hell are we going to win any ruck-ball with a non-existent back-row? Gleeson’s a great open-side, but one man won’t secure possession! George Smith is going to have a field day… he stopped the Lions, now he’s going to blow us out of the water,” predicted No 9 and mike11 was in agreement “Costello at 6 is a joke’, he told us, and especially as we have options there (Quinlan is the obvious, but there are others also) ” – mind you he didn’t tell us who they are but continued – He’ll be well past it also this time next year. Giving BOD the captain’s job might be a brave move, but is more likely foolhardy up against such a good team as Australia, especially given that they play the game in a very cynical way.” And later mike11 had this to say.
” However this thread started about how slow our back-row is, which I don’t totally agree with. Gleeson is slower than Wallace over 100, but he’s quick over first 5 and quick to get down on the ball. That’s important where he plays and I have no worries there. The point that some have been making, and it’s very relevant is that Victor is very slow to get going (he’s over 18st), and the smaller guy (eg Smith) will be gone before Victor has detached himself from the scrum. That’s a worry.”

Of course mike11 was kinda right, Victor Costello was replaced in the 31st minute, the smaller guy followed three minutes later. Let you decide who had the better day at the office.

But you can always rely on The Bull to let go with both barrels, this time in the direction of his own feet,
How many bursts will Gregan make down the blind side on Saturday. I would say well in to the high teens. Our backrow is the slowest I have ever seen picked for an International. Gregan will be five yards past the scrum when Costello will finally lift his head.”
(Bang, barrel number 1)
“Foley is also not renowned for his speed.” continued Bull.”Finally our second rows, (Oh my God) O’Kelly is overrated and my comments on Longwell ? This page is too short for it. I would say Australia are shaking in their boots. 25 point win for Australia.” (Bang, barrel number 2). “They will pull back in the last 20 minutes not to give us a right scalding.” (Nice one Bull).

ABCD started in true ABCD fashion, Let’s face it lads, it’s the same old crap of Munster supporters trying to get head-the-ball Quinlan on the field ahead of a world-class athlete in Costello. Then turned prophetic when he predicted, It’s against a big and quick back-row that Costello will thrive, where Quinlan would be shooed away like a fly. We won’t be lamenting Costello’s performance on Sunday morning he said, but then took the double barrel, loaded both chambers, and but the usual telegraph play from ROG. The one-handed inside dummy and hospital flick to Maggs, beautifully complimented with a lack of pace and ‘safe’ diagonal kick to the leviathon Sailor in the corner.” BANG – first barrel directly into right foot. And then, Postscript: – Dempsey has to go. (BANG, second ABCD foot blasted.)

How about Bear’s contention that “The only speed Big Vic has is when he is chasing jam donuts. No wonder he has to wears those gloves, with those sticky fingers, which by the way were supplied to him by Mr Kipling.” or the following for an ever so slightly biased northern leaning, “I think O’Gara should be dropped, or at least give Davy humph a run. He has orchestrated all things good that Ulster have done this season. Dempsey is also a joke. Bryn Cunningham, Ulster players are overlooked too easily. Also please someone teach Frankie Sheahan how to throw into line outs. He again is a joke! But yes….Ulster players should be playing….Bryn Cunningham, Davy Hunphreys, Neil McMillan. Why is there no recognition for these players.” and came from Paddy0101

“Look, after the selection of the back-row to face Australia it is time for a change in the so called saviour of Irish Rugby. We are playing one of the best teams in the world and this is what they come up with, Are they afraid, scared or just taking the mick out of every fan in this country who watch matches week in and out. If this is team building for the future every young player in this country better start packing their bags and go somewhere to get a chance. How long more do we have to put up with this rubbish? asked Tw.

But even before he’s finished packing his bag and irate kay forced him back to his keyboard with this admonition.
I would have thought that a call for O’Sullivan’s sacking could only be legitimate (if even then ) if his selection is proved, both by the result of the match and the playing of it, to be a bad one but certainly not on the basis of your opinion as a of self-proclaimed expert contributing to this messageboard. Can you not even contemplate the idea that it might be a good selection for this particular match or are you just getting your spake in now so that you can say “I told you so” afterwards if Ireland doesn’t do well? Can you not even contemplate looking for positives in it rather than going for the negative? One thing is certain, if I were playing on the team I wouldn’t want you as a fan! You’re probably the sort who watches matches and spends the whole time grumbling about what’s wrong instead of looking at the good things that are done and really being a SUPPORTER.

Well if kay thought she was getting away it that she was mistaken. “Good girl kay barked tw, nice to see that you can get personal and take the posting to a low level. We are supposed to be building a team not staging an outing for the past and tried. It is time that youth was given its chance and not keep going backwards. If I was an Australian I would be shivering in my boots with the speed of this new future thinking back row that has been selected or maybe we are turning up to keep the score respectable,. Of course we are used to moral victories.”

RC asked, “What has Irish rugby come to! To play Victor Costello at No 6 against the Aussies is bordering on the ridiculous. I think questions have to be asked of EOS.”

But thankfully the comment wasn’t all adverse, Kevin D led the way with “”VC at 6 seems a bold move to me, but Eo’S has been slated recently for his lack of creativity with selection so it’s good to see a bit ingenuity. My gut feeling (for what it’s worth) is that Big Vic will do much better than expected on Saturday.” and finally keeping the faith said ” For what’s it’s worth I think DPH could be on the right track here… while I’m sure the Aussies won’t exactly be quaking in their nikes it does give them something else to think about… anyway, if it doesn’t work we can just stick AQ in at 6. What’ve we got to lose lads, fair play to Eddie for trying something different. Have good feeling about Saturday (whether justified or not!).