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Campese The Star Turn

Campese The Star Turn

Australian legend David Campese and Mick Galwey teamed up in Kilkenny earlier this week to entertain over 200 guests at a lunch in the Ormonde Hotel.

An afternoon in the company of Mick Galwey and David Campese was what was on offer last Monday at Kilkenny’s Ormonde Hotel as two greats of international rugby entertained a crowd of 200 guests. The event was compered by Mike Brewer who conducted a one-on-one interview with Campese after Galwey had given a colourful insight into his life as a top level sportman.

Well known for his candour, Campese spoke about the modern game, one which he clearly takes little enjoyment from, and he bemoaned the lack of inventiveness and wondered at the player’s enjoyment level.
” When I was playing we had a lot of fun.” he said. “We got to travel the world, see new places, meet new people. It was a wonderful experience. I have great memories of my time playing. But I don’t think it’s the same for the modern day player. Nowadays, the boys go from the hotel to the stadium, to the pool and back home. I just don’t see them enjoying their time at the top level and that’s a shame.”

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“And it’s the same with the way they play their rugby.” he continued.” It’s all by numbers now and there’s no room for the player who does it off the cuff, which certainly can’t be any good for those watching.”

Campese was less than enthusiastic when questioned about the influx of players from League who he believes have moved towards the Union game because their League careers have, or are about to end. Now the ARU have brought in a few League players and they’re over here right now. And they’ll be picked because the investment in these guys has to be justified.”
“So, if a young bloke came up to me and asked for advice about the best way to get to the top Australian Union, I’d say go to Rugby League first. Because as sure as hell the ARU will buy you back if only to rub it into the League boys because now they have the money

And talk about ‘burn out’ in the modern player brought a wide grin to the player who gained 101 caps for Australia.
“Look, on my last tour, there were 13 games and I played in nine of them. A game on Wednesday and another on Saturday. That’s the way it was then. Now the guys are fully professional, with fully professional back-up, every possible facility. The top boys are playing maybe less than 30 games a year. And they’re still talkabourt burn-out. Jeez!. I don’t understand it to be honest.”

His predictions on who will win the World Cup centre on New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, France and England with Argentina as his ‘best of the rest’.
Mind you he added the proviso that England dould not win it if Clive Woodward remained as coach. He siad he liked the way New Zealand coach John Mitchell was doing things, ” he’s brought a load of new players on this tour and that can only be a good thing for the Blacks come the World Cup.

And in case the Irish management are looking for advice on how to beat Australia on Saturday ?
” If you stop George Gregan, you stop Australia.”