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On thursday the Ireland squad head for Siberia and a clash with the Russians in Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk is the second largest city in Siberia (after Novosibirsk) with 930.000 inhabitants, situated on both sides of the river Yenisei. It is the administrative centre of the Krasnoyarsk Krai region (covers 2.34 million square kilometres, or 13.6 percent of entire Russia) – a region that is ten times the size of Great Britain or four and half times the size of Frances – which stretches for 4000 kilometres from north to south along the “waist” of the body of Russia. Krasnoyarsk, was founded in 1628 and is now the industrial and cultural centre of the region. The main industry includes machine construction, chemical industry, shipyards and especially aluminium production. There are two universities, fifteen colleges for higher education, five theatres, four concert halls and six museums.
It is located about 2,800 miles east of Moscow and 300 miles north of the Russian border with Mongolia.

During the summer the temperature very often rises to +30C, but in the winter it drops to -30C, latest weather reports show temperatures ranging from a high of 14 degrees Celcius to a low of minus two.

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