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Proud As A Peacock

Proud As A Peacock

Fact File on Kirsty Peacock

Fav Food. Chocolate.

Fav Night Spot. Nancys, Limerick.

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Favourite Holiday Destination Anywhere where there’s snow.

Ideal Holiday Partner. Someone who is prepared to …… ok maybe best keep this to myself.

Favourite TV Programme. Friends, Southpark, Simpsons.

Favourite Film. Moulin Rouge.

Favourite Actor. Ewan Magregor

Favourite Actress. Helena Bonham-Carter.

Favourite Music. R+B.

Novel Currently Reading. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Person I Admire Most. My dad.

Person you least admire. Drunk Drivers.

Likes Nellie (my dog), big feather duvets, Alicia Keys C.D.,Hagen Daaz ice cream, sleep-ins, nights out with the girls.

Dislikes. Tripe. People you cant trust.

Superstitions. There is a black cat that lives near
us and the three times I have seen it we have lost a game the following day.

Do you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer ? Yes, but Angel is more up my street.