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Where’s The Cup

Where’s The Cup

Where’s The Cup

You may recall that after they’d captured the Celtic League Trophy in December, in that memorable victory over Munster, they then, er, lost it.
No, not in a replay. Sorta, there it was sitting on the table (in Kielys) – gone. And it was gone the next day.
And the next.
And it wasn’t funny. But then someone breezed into Donnybrook Garda station, or so the story goes and sez, “Oi look what I found” and all was well that ended well.

Well, now it’s happened again. Well not quite.

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This time Matt Williams’ conjured a second half performance from his side that earned them a six try victory over Connacht and the Guinness Interprovincial title. And the trophy. Except the trophy (pictured), at the extremity of Reggie Corrigan’s arm (pictured), is not the trophy, really. The ribbons (pictured) are the real mccoy. But not the trophy.

It seems that when Slattery PR made enquiries as to the whereabouts of the Guinness Trophy, Munster officials were at a loss to locate it. And still are.

And if you’re in Kielys at the weekend and are offered a sip out of the Interprovincial cup ? Well the drink will be genuine but the cup from whence it runneth ??

An ultimatum from a Leinster Branch official. – We’ll keep Alan Gaffney until you give us our Cup. The thick plottens.