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Apologies to all Messageboard users for the delay in posting messages over the past weekend. It seems there was a technical problem with a particular type browser which affected the computer of the messageboard editor (female). That meant there was a delay in processing your mesages.

And yes, I hear you saying if there wasn’t a monitoring system (no censoring) in place then this wouldn’t arise.
But there is.
So it did.
And we’re sorry
No, not that there is.
But that what happened, happened.

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Speaking of editors and just to clarify. There are two who have access to the messageboard. There’s me, a male. And there’s a her.
Her name ?
The Editor.

And just to save further angst. The system of monitoring messages will remain because we still have to reject an awful lot of messages for various reasons. Nothing wrong with robust criticism and even strong language. But him ‘n her will try to catch any abusive, racist, sectarian and such like comment and dispatch it to cyberspace to seek new frontiers where aliens can decide whether or not it is worth reading.

And if they do, then they can subscribe to www.irishrugby.ie and join in the fun.