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Wallace Looking Forward to Big Occasion

Wallace Looking Forward to Big Occasion

In the hours before the game in the team hotel on the ouitskirts of Montpellier we talk to David Wallace and get his thoughts on the big game in Beziers.

“I know it’s going to be a tough game and I’m prepared for that. Physically I feel in good shape and mentally I think I’m in the right frame of mind too. I suppose I’d say the mood is a bit jittery both for me and the rest but that’s not unusual really and whether it’s a good or bad thing we wont know until later but all in all I’d say it’s a good thing, at least we’re sure there no question of complacency.”

” There will be no carry over from the last game and what went on at that or after. I don’t think anyone is thinking of that. Declan mentions it the odd time and to be honest when he does I’d have kinda forgotten about it. Everyone is around too long to focus on something like that. We feel the best way to get even is to win the game.The last week or two we’ve been really concentrating on what we have to do on the pitch rugbywise to win this match and we haven’t been thinking any other way.”

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” People have been talking about the heat down here but it doesn’t bother me. I’ve played in high temperatures a good few times and never struggled, always enjoyed it really. And we tend to play quite good rugby when there’s good conditions so hopefully it’ll suit. The stadium is impressive, the pitch is good, very hard, so I might wear moulded sole boots because I suffer from bad ankles. I’ll certainly wear them in the warm up and make a decision then.2

Having Peter (Clohessy) in the side is very important. He’s a brilliant player, no-one disputes that. He brings a confidence and experience to the side that’s vital. And besides, I’m sure Castres will have been a little disappointed when they heard he was going to make it.”

In relation to this game I wouldn’t prepare any differently than any other. It was into bed and asleep by 12.30 last night and up then about 9.30 this morning. I wouldn’t tend to pore over videos of the opposition. I suppose in my position it’s a little bit different. There is a few things that you need to know but I actually prefer to go into a game not knowing what to expect and be ready for everything. I think that if you over analyse teams you can make them more predictable than they are, expect this or that from then and then make the wrong decision based on that. So I prefer to play it off the cuff and be alert.

” Against Castres I have to watch Townsend and keep him at bay, try and make him have a quiet day, so that will require concentration. Then there is my defence and work-rate.

“In the run up to kick off in the morning and night before, the guy I would normally stick close to is Ronan. He’s a calm guy, doesn’t tend to get nervous. I need to talk to him from a rugby point of view as well so I stay close to him keep communicating with him and keep that into the game.”

“Yeh, I do enjoy an occasion such as this. More so in the run up to it but not on the day. I won’t time, there’s too much to concentrate on to actually enjoy the day as an occasion but if any stage you asked me if I’m looking forward to it I’d say yes.”