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Message from the Ed

OK, so who is this Editor guy/gal, I hear you ask, who won’t allow bad language and can at times be ever so smart with his responses? And who appointed him ? And can we march on Lansdowne Road and demand his removal ? And why does he give videos out but mainly to females ? And does he really want to ban the Bull ? And what exactly is he going to do about leinstergirl and her penchant for exclamation marlks ?

Answers as follows,
Can’t disclose actual name.
Yes but only on Tuesdays.
Cause he can if he wants.
Dont know.

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Now that’s sorted, let’s move on.

The purpose of this address – for want of a better term – is to throw out a few questions so that we might liven up the messageboard. I don’t know about you people out there who take the time to write in, but from my point of view, debating the merits of whether David Humphreys is a better out-half than Ronan O’Gara has become excruciatingly boring. As I have said, and indeed as some of you decent people have also, there is no definitive answer. It’s very much a matter of opinion. So what say you we drop it ?

Leinstergirl about those exclam marks. Would you please stop using them. Why do you ?
And ‘George’, if you keep referring to players as lumps of s**** I’m going to set the Bull on you. In fact, from now on anyone who uses obscene language will have their message reduced to – Unfit for Publication.

So what I was thinking of doing was throwing out a few questions to see what people think. But first. The suggestion by Kevin D, that we have a www.irishrugby.ie Player of the Championship, (Irish player) is I think, an excellent one. So if people can send in their nomination, in the following format – Irish Player of the Championship – Name. No more than that, please. The person whose choice matches that of the Judges will win two tickets to a Six Nations home game next year.
Who are the Judges – I am.

We’ll have to give the winning player a prize and I think Kevin D should have the honour of presenting that at some stage. oh and by the way, final entries on Sat April 20th.

So a few topics for your consideration.

With Cork Constitution and Shannon in the AIB League final, is Lansdowne Road the proper venue for the final ?

With the Irish international team in a transition phase. Are we being unduly critical of their season ?

Who would people like to see coaching Munster ?

Who will win the AIB League ?

And what the hell is going on with Buffy and that white haired git ?

Oh, and before I head off for the North Kildare RFC Dress Dance, could you take it easy with all those br things you put in your messages. – Bye for now. – Editor