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News article – Style E 1475

News article – Style E 1475

Calls for Testimonial for Galwey and Clohessy

James McHugh from Killaloe kicked it off with this letter in the wake of the Italian game.
” I am writing to you in the hope, that you, like me were surprised and upset to see the poor treatment of Irish rugby internationals Peter Clohessy and Michael Galwey this past two weeks. Both these players have given a lot to Irish rugby over the past 15+ years and both are in their final season with the international squad.”
” Last weekend we were told that it was to be the final time Peter Clohessy would grace the field at Lansdowne Road in an Irish jersey. He was given a much deserved standing ovation by the crowd and that was that!!”
” Surely one of the great personalities of the Irish game deserves more credit than that for his service to Irish rugby.”
” Michael Galwey was dropped from the squad completely and will probably never play an international game at Lansdowne Road again. He is player who brought a great pride and passion to the field with him and he instilled these virtues into those players around him. He may not have possessed the necessary skill levels demanded of today’s players, but he was still a leader who could play as well as two men. He didn’t even get the benefit of a farewell ovation.”
James McHugh, Killaloe.

” It appears that Irish Rugby is willing to quickly forget players from the amateur day. Has the new era of professionalism also brought a cynical greed to the great game. Why not show appreciaton to two players who brought many ‘paying’ fans to the game.”
“Please have a testimonial for Peter “The claw” Clohessy and the gentle giant Mick Galwey.”
Dave O’Donoghue.

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“On behalf of all the 39 staff here we want a testimonial match for Mick Galway and Peter Clohessy.”
Kathleen Leahy,
General Catering Manager, Campbell Catering Ltd.,Guinness Ireland Group, James’ Gate, Dublin 8.

” I am asking you as a mark of respect to Peter Clohessy and Mick Galwey that a testimonial be held for both players at Lansdowne Road to reward both players for their remarkable contribution to Irish rugby. Both players have been professionals for a relatively short time and deserve a ‘nest egg’ for their efforts for the Irish cause.”
Joe Osborne.

” I would like if you would consider having testimonials for both
Peter Clohessy and Mick Galwey as I think it would be appropriate to mark their service to the sport.”
Leonard Tuite.

” I Agree That Peter Clohessy And Michael Galwey deserve a testimonial. They have been great ambassadors to Irish rugby. I am sure many people will agree.”

“With Claw hanging up the boots, and it’s doubtful if Mick Galwey will ever play for Ireland again. I think
the IRFU should give these two great warriors of Irish rugby a joint testimonial. For example a Munster v Rest of Ireland game at Thomond Park similar to the one that was held last year at the same venue that was used as a trial game for the Lions tour.”
John Neville. “Come on Folks……. Do you not think these guys deserve a testimonial?? They have been two of Irelands top sports characters for the last decade and the familiar faces of Irish Rugby…. A little more recognition please after all those great sporting moments!!”
Jim Butler, Limerick.

I think it’s long overdue for a testimonial for Peter Clohessy and Mick Galwey after their dedication to Irish rugby over the years. It’s more than they deserve and I’m sure Lansdowne Road would be packed that day. ”
Mike Gibbons.

” I agree with James Lynch, there should be a testimonial match for both Peter Clohessy and Mick Galway.”
Cora Barrett. Ernst & Young Accountants.

Just to add my name to the list of Limerick people in support of a testimonial match/s for Mick Gaillimh and the Claw. It’s been a great privilege to watch these 2 greats playing for their club, province and country. (That took a lot out of a staunch Shannon RFC woman to admit!!) .”
Mary Ryan, on behalf of Sonny Ryan and his large clan.

For those of you above and others of a similar mind, there is a Tribute Night being organised for Mick Galwey in the South Court Hotel, Limerick on Thursday 30th May. Not that this is being put forward in place of your suggestions, but just as a piece of information. Further details can be had by contacting Tim O’Brien @ 061 417200.