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Travelling To France? Advice From Department Of Foreign Affairs

Dave Kilcoyne - DFA

If you are following the Irish team in France, please follow these steps to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip:

Ensure your passport is valid, and apply for a passport card

Your passport must be valid for the entirety of your visit in France. We recommend getting a passport card before travelling – it fits into your wallet and means you can leave your passport book in a safe place while out and about. According to French law you must have photo ID with you at all times.

Apply for your EHIC

You can get a free European Health Insurance Card at ehic.ie. The application is straightforward and the card will be posted out to you within ten working days. However, you should apply as soon as possible to ensure you can bring the card to France. It will grant you easier access to healthcare, should you need it.

Purchase travel insurance

Whether or not you have an EHIC, we strongly recommend you purchase comprehensive travel insurance. Travel insurance can save you and your family a lot of money, and ensures that you get the medical attention you need, when you need it.

Follow the rules

Be aware that there may be increased security around stadia, train stations, and airports. Always follow the instructions of officials and police, and remember to keep photo identification on you at all times. You should be aware that there are strict laws around drones in France, and all drone activity during the Rugby World Cup will be illegal, and will lead to prosecution.

Stay in touch

When in France, be sure to keep in contact with your friends and family at home in Ireland. Keep checking in, and make sure your loved ones know your itinerary and travel plans. Don’t hesitate to contact our Embassy in Paris either before or during your trip to France. We can be reached at 00 33 1 44 17 67 00 and you can see the latest information, news, and events on twitter @irlembparis.

Download our Consular Support Leaflet

Click here to download our consular leaflet to your phone wallet for local emergency contact numbers and top tips for safe travel.


Have fun!