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Aviva Minis Rugby Skills Games – The Full Series

Irish Rugby has a new video series of games that families can enjoy in their own homes.

The videos have been rolled out across Irish Rugby social media channels with a full series to be hosted on YouTube.

Families can enjoy the games at at time when measures are being taken to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The games are simple, easy to play, and assist in the development of fundamental movement skills.

IRFU Head of Coach Development Matt Wilkie hosts the series, with the help of this three sons, Jack, Sammy and Alfie.

The full series of 30 games are now available to watch.

Aviva Minis: Rugby Skills Series

01. ‘Throw and Clap’ Developing Catch & Throw Skills

02. ‘Pass & Tag’ Developing Catch, Pass, Run & Tag Skills

03. ‘Turn and Catch’ Developing Catch & Throw Skills

04. ‘Tennis Ball Drop’ Developing Catch Skills

05. ‘Partner Reflex’ Developing Balance & Coordination Skills

06. ‘Pass & Run’ Developing Catch & Pass Skills

07. ‘The Gauntlet’ Developing Agility Skills

08. ‘Dragon’s Den’ Developing Balance, Agility & Evasion Skills

09 ‘Kick-Tennis’ Developing Kick & Catch Skills

10. ‘Target Passing’ Developing Passing Skills

11. ‘Rob The Nest’ Developing Agility & Evasion Skills

12 ‘Kicking Ten-Pin’ Developing Kick & Catch Skills

13 ‘One Hand Catch’ Developing Catch & Pass Skills

14 ‘Ball Tag’ Developing Agility, Balance & Evasion Skills

15 ‘Nervous Wreck’ Developing Catch & Pass Skills

16 ‘Pass & Place’ Developing Pick & Pass Skills

17 ‘Kicking Golf’ Developing Kicking Skills

18 ‘Freeze’ Developing Fundamental Movement Skills

19 ‘Around The Clock’ Developing Catch & Pass Skills

20: ‘Try Scoring Spree’ Developing Run, Evasion & Tag Skills

21: ‘Reflex Catches’ – Developing Catch, Throw & Strike Stills

22: ‘Rugby Relays’ – Developing Agility, Catch, Pass & Kick Skills

23: ‘Rats & Rabbits’ – Developing Run & Agility Skills

24: ‘Rugby Minefield’ – Developing Agility, Balance & Run Skills

25: ‘Channel Catch & Pass’ – Developing Run, Catch & Pass Skills

26: ‘Hop & Bounce’ Developing Throw & Bounce Skills

27. Pass & Score – Developing Catch, Evasion & Tag Skills 

28: Catch & Step – Developing Catch, Pass & Kick Skills

29: Rugby Dodgeball – Developing Agility & Balance Skills

30: Hot Potato – Developing Catch & Pass Skills


You can also check out our Aviva Mini Rugby Skill Zone. 


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