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SROI Survey

SROI Survey

The IRFU is launching its first ever SROI project to calculate the economic and social value of rugby union in Ireland. SROI stands for Social Return On Investment and the project has two main goals – to assess and enhance the impact of the rugby on Irish Society and to generate data that improves access to public funding for clubs, provinces and the IRFU.

The IRFU is asking the rugby community to help with this key project. It will provide a clear picture of where Irish Rugby is in its continued recovery from a global pandemic and direct key projects and strategic planning for the next number of years.

There are three key pillars to this project. One of these is an internal project within the IRFU and provinces. The other two pillars are of critical importance and rely heavily on information supplied from club administrators as well as club players and volunteers.


Players and volunteers anonymously provide information about playing time, expense incurred and additional information about age, gender, location and income.

Individual Survey – click here

For more information on the survey and why we are asking certain questions pleas read our IRFU SROI Individual Survey FAQs


Club Administrators provide information about club facilities, infrastructure, development plans and future projects.

IRFU SROI Club Facilities Audit Questions – Please use this copy of the questions to prepare your answers.

Club Administrators – Ulster

Club Administrators – Connacht, Leinster, Munster

For more information on the survey and why we are asking certain questions pleas read our SROI Project Club Audit FAQs

IRFU/Provincial Branch Audit

IRFU and Provinces conduct internal audit of programmes and resources both currently operational and upcoming in strategic planning.