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Talent ID

Talent ID

IQ Rugby operates as part of the IRFU High Performance Pathway, offering Irish Qualified (IQ) players an opportunity to progress towards playing in and/or for Ireland.

We’re looking for young players who have the potential and want to progress. Below you will find information on what we look for in young players under four headings: Body, Craft, Head & Heart


Rugby needs rugby players, not body builders. Body incorporates the physical needs of you and your position as a player. How you athletically move around the park and get into good body positions necessary to play at a high level of performance. Is your physical conditioning and your physical stature suited to your the needs of your position?


Do you have the game skills needed to perform your role and play your position? Hookers, throwing ability, props scrummage ability, half backs pass accuracy. Are your basic core skills of Catch and Pass, Ball Cary, Tackle, Breakdown, of a consistent and high standard of play under pressure.


Do you have the mental capacity and personality for your position? Do you have game intelligence and tactics? And do you have resilience and a long term vision of your own personal development on and off the field.


Very simply are you committed to the demands needed to play your position and strive to be the best you can be. The route to a ‘Green Jersey’ is never straight and often scattered with disappointments, so do you have the desire to purse your journey even when set backs occur?