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Guinness PRO14: Irish Provinces' Results and Fixtures
*Kick off times are all local to where the match is being played

September 2017
Fri 1 Sep19:35PRO14-CA,CBMunster RugbyMunster Rugby34 - 3Benetton RugbyBenetton RugbyH
W 34-3Irish Independent Park7,854
Fri 1 Sep19:35PRO14-CA,CBUlster RugbyUlster Rugby42 - 19Toyota CheetahsToyota CheetahsH
W 42-19Kingspan Stadium14,448
Sat 2 Sep15:15PRO14-CBDragonsDragons16 - 39Leinster RugbyLeinster RugbyA
W 39-16Rodney Parade6,133
Sat 2 Sep19:35PRO14-CAConnacht RugbyConnacht Rugby12 - 18Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow WarriorsH
L 12-18Sportsground4,017
Fri 8 Sep19:35PRO14-CA,CBLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby37 - 9Cardiff BluesCardiff BluesH
W 37-9RDS Arena13,535
Sat 9 Sep17:15PRO14-CAMunster RugbyMunster Rugby51 - 18Toyota CheetahsToyota CheetahsH
W 51-18Thomond Park15,144
Sat 9 Sep18:05PRO14-CBBenetton RugbyBenetton Rugby14 - 21Ulster RugbyUlster RugbyA
W 21-14Stadio Monigo2,600
Sat 9 Sep19:35PRO14-CA,CBConnacht RugbyConnacht Rugby32 - 10Southern KingsSouthern KingsH
W 32-10Sportsground5,104
Fri 15 Sep19:30PRO14-CA,CBDragonsDragons21 - 8Connacht RugbyConnacht RugbyA
L 8-21Rodney Parade5,069
Fri 15 Sep19:35PRO14-CBUlster RugbyUlster Rugby27 - 20ScarletsScarletsH
W 27-20Kingspan Stadium12,712
Sat 16 Sep14:15PRO14-CBSouthern KingsSouthern Kings10 - 31Leinster RugbyLeinster RugbyA
W 31-10Nelson Mandela Bay3,011
Sat 16 Sep15:15PRO14-CAOspreysOspreys16 - 21Munster RugbyMunster RugbyA
W 21-16Liberty Stadium7,302
Fri 22 Sep19:35PRO14-CAGlasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors37 - 10Munster RugbyMunster RugbyA
L 10-37Scotstoun Stadium7,351
Fri 22 Sep19:35PRO14-CBUlster RugbyUlster Rugby52 - 25DragonsDragonsH
W 52-25Kingspan Stadium12,291
Fri 22 Sep20:00PRO14-CA,CBToyota CheetahsToyota Cheetahs38 - 19Leinster RugbyLeinster RugbyA
L 19-38Toyota Stadium6,980
Sat 23 Sep15:15PRO14-CAConnacht RugbyConnacht Rugby15 - 17Cardiff BluesCardiff BluesH
L 15-17Sportsground4,659
Fri 29 Sep19:35PRO14-CA,CBScarletsScarlets36 - 27Connacht RugbyConnacht RugbyA
L 27-36Parc y Scarlets7,693
Fri 29 Sep19:35PRO14-CBLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby21 - 13Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh RugbyH
W 21-13RDS Arena13,213
Sat 30 Sep13:30PRO14-CAMunster RugbyMunster Rugby39 - 16Cardiff BluesCardiff BluesH
W 39-16Thomond Park13,558
Sat 30 Sep15:35PRO14-CA,CBZebre Rugby ClubZebre Rugby Club27 - 23Ulster RugbyUlster RugbyA
L 23-27Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi3,100
October 2017
Fri 6 Oct19:35PRO14-CA,CBUlster RugbyUlster Rugby16 - 8Connacht RugbyConnacht RugbyH
W 16-8Kingspan Stadium14,363
Sat 7 Oct14:00PRO14-CA,CBLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby23 - 17Munster RugbyMunster RugbyH
W 23-17Aviva Stadium46,374
Fri 27 Oct19:35PRO14-CAConnacht RugbyConnacht Rugby20 - 16Munster RugbyMunster RugbyH
W 20-16Sportsground7,089
Sat 28 Oct18:30PRO14-CBUlster RugbyUlster Rugby10 - 25Leinster RugbyLeinster RugbyH
L 10-25Kingspan Stadium17,631
November 2017
Fri 3 Nov19:35PRO14-CA,CBGlasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors31 - 21Leinster RugbyLeinster RugbyA
L 21-31Scotstoun Stadium7,351
Fri 3 Nov19:35PRO14-CA,CBMunster RugbyMunster Rugby49 - 6DragonsDragonsH
W 49-6Irish Independent Park8,008
Sat 4 Nov15:00PRO14-CBSouthern KingsSouthern Kings36 - 43Ulster RugbyUlster RugbyA
W 43-36Isaac Wolfson Stadium2,836
Sat 4 Nov19:35PRO14-CAConnacht RugbyConnacht Rugby23 - 15Toyota CheetahsToyota CheetahsH
W 23-15Sportsground6,012
Fri 24 Nov19:05PRO14-CBUlster RugbyUlster Rugby23 - 22Benetton RugbyBenetton RugbyH
W 23-22Kingspan Stadium14,544
Fri 24 Nov19:35PRO14-CACardiff BluesCardiff Blues36 - 30Connacht RugbyConnacht RugbyA
L 30-36Cardiff Arms Park5,042
Fri 24 Nov19:35PRO14-CBLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby54 - 10DragonsDragonsH
W 54-10RDS Arena10,354
Sun 26 Nov14:30PRO14-CAZebre Rugby ClubZebre Rugby Club19 - 36Munster RugbyMunster RugbyA
W 36-19Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi2,500
December 2017
Fri 1 Dec19:35PRO14-CBDragonsDragons32 - 32Ulster RugbyUlster RugbyA
D 32-32Rodney Parade4,477
Sat 2 Dec14:15PRO14-CAZebre Rugby ClubZebre Rugby Club24 - 10Connacht RugbyConnacht RugbyA
L 10-24Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi2,000
Sat 2 Dec16:30PRO14-CBBenetton RugbyBenetton Rugby10 - 36Leinster RugbyLeinster RugbyA
W 36-10Stadio Monigo2,700
Sat 2 Dec17:30PRO14-CAMunster RugbyMunster Rugby36 - 10OspreysOspreysH
W 36-10Irish Independent Park8,008
Sat 23 Dec19:35PRO14-CA,CBConnacht RugbyConnacht Rugby44 - 16Ulster RugbyUlster RugbyH
W 44-16Sportsground7,629
Tue 26 Dec15:15PRO14-CA,CBMunster RugbyMunster Rugby24 - 34Leinster RugbyLeinster RugbyH
L 24-34Thomond Park26,267
January 2018
Mon 1 Jan15:15PRO14-CA,CBLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby21 - 18Connacht RugbyConnacht RugbyH
W 21-18RDS Arena17,112
Mon 1 Jan17:35PRO14-CA,CBUlster RugbyUlster Rugby24 - 17Munster RugbyMunster RugbyH
W 24-17Kingspan Stadium17,594
Sat 6 Jan17:35PRO14-CBLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby38 - 7Ulster RugbyUlster RugbyH
W 38-7RDS Arena17,373
Sat 6 Jan19:45PRO14-CAMunster RugbyMunster Rugby39 - 13Connacht RugbyConnacht RugbyH
W 39-13Thomond Park18,604
February 2018
Fri 9 Feb19:35PRO14-CAConnacht RugbyConnacht Rugby26 - 15OspreysOspreysH
W 26-15Sportsground5,242
Fri 9 Feb19:35PRO14-CBEdinburgh RugbyEdinburgh Rugby29 - 24Leinster RugbyLeinster RugbyA
L 24-29Myreside3,930
Fri 9 Feb19:35PRO14-CBUlster RugbyUlster Rugby59 - 10Southern KingsSouthern KingsH
W 59-10Kingspan Stadium13,759
Sat 10 Feb19:35PRO14-CAMunster RugbyMunster Rugby33 - 5Zebre Rugby ClubZebre Rugby ClubH
W 33-5Thomond Park13,412
Fri 16 Feb19:35PRO14-CAConnacht RugbyConnacht Rugby11 - 19Zebre Rugby ClubZebre Rugby ClubH
L 11-19Sportsground5,004
Fri 16 Feb19:35PRO14-CBUlster RugbyUlster Rugby16 - 17Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh RugbyH
L 16-17Kingspan Stadium14,497
Sat 17 Feb15:15PRO14-CBLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby20 - 13ScarletsScarletsH
W 20-13RDS Arena14,916
Sat 17 Feb17:30PRO14-CACardiff BluesCardiff Blues25 - 18Munster RugbyMunster RugbyA
L 18-25Cardiff Arms Park6,086
Fri 23 Feb19:00PRO14-CAMunster RugbyMunster Rugby21 - 10Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow WarriorsH
W 21-10Irish Independent Park8,008
Fri 23 Feb19:35PRO14-CBLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby64 - 7Southern KingsSouthern KingsH
W 64-7RDS Arena10,215
Sat 24 Feb13:00PRO14-CA,CBBenetton RugbyBenetton Rugby19 - 22Connacht RugbyConnacht RugbyA
W 22-19Stadio Monigo2,100
Sat 24 Feb19:35PRO14-CBScarletsScarlets34 - 10Ulster RugbyUlster RugbyA
L 10-34Parc y Scarlets6,941
March 2018
Sat 3 Mar19:35PRO14-CAToyota CheetahsToyota Cheetahs26 - 25Connacht RugbyConnacht RugbyA
L 25-26Toyota Stadium6,095
Fri 9 Mar19:35PRO14-CBScarletsScarlets10 - 10Leinster RugbyLeinster RugbyA
D 10-10Parc y Scarlets9,108
Fri 16 Mar19:35PRO14-CA,CBEdinburgh RugbyEdinburgh Rugby12 - 6Munster RugbyMunster RugbyA
L 6-12BT Murrayfield4,089
Fri 23 Mar19:35PRO14-CA,CBConnacht RugbyConnacht Rugby22 - 29Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh RugbyH
L 22-29Sportsground5,048
Sat 24 Mar15:15PRO14-CA,CBCardiff BluesCardiff Blues35 - 17Ulster RugbyUlster RugbyA
L 17-35Cardiff Arms Park5,763
Sat 24 Mar17:30PRO14-CA,CBMunster RugbyMunster Rugby19 - 7ScarletsScarletsH
W 19-7Thomond Park14,215
Sat 24 Mar19:35PRO14-CA,CBOspreysOspreys32 - 18Leinster RugbyLeinster RugbyA
L 18-32Liberty Stadium7,816
April 2018
Fri 6 Apr19:35PRO14-CAOspreysOspreys39 - 10Connacht RugbyConnacht RugbyA
L 10-39Liberty Stadium8,092
Fri 6 Apr19:35PRO14-CBEdinburgh RugbyEdinburgh Rugby20 - 32Ulster RugbyUlster RugbyA
W 32-20BT Murrayfield4,989
Sat 7 Apr14:00PRO14-CA,CBLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby41 - 6Zebre Rugby ClubZebre Rugby ClubH
W 41-6RDS Arena10,115
Sat 7 Apr19:35PRO14-CA,CBSouthern KingsSouthern Kings22 - 39Munster RugbyMunster RugbyA
W 39-22Outeniqua Park6,318
Fri 13 Apr19:35PRO14-CAGlasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors35 - 22Connacht RugbyConnacht RugbyA
L 22-35Scotstoun Stadium7,351
Fri 13 Apr19:35PRO14-CAToyota CheetahsToyota Cheetahs17 - 19Munster RugbyMunster RugbyA
W 19-17Toyota Stadium6,869
Fri 13 Apr19:35PRO14-CA,CBUlster RugbyUlster Rugby8 - 0OspreysOspreysH
W 8-0Kingspan Stadium13,267
Sat 14 Apr19:35PRO14-CBLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby15 - 17Benetton RugbyBenetton RugbyH
L 15-17RDS Arena12,586
Sat 21 Apr18:05PRO14-CA,CBUlster RugbyUlster Rugby36 - 15Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow WarriorsH
W 36-15Kingspan Stadium16,186
Sat 28 Apr15:05PRO14-CA,CBConnacht RugbyConnacht Rugby47 - 10Leinster RugbyLeinster RugbyH
W 47-10Sportsground8,129
Sat 28 Apr17:35PRO14-CA,CBMunster RugbyMunster Rugby24 - 24Ulster RugbyUlster RugbyH
D 24-24Thomond Park16,178
May 2018
Sat 5 May15:15PRO14-SFQMunster RugbyMunster Rugby20 - 16Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh RugbyH
W 20-16Thomond Park10,205
Sat 19 May15:15PRO14-SFLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby16 - 15Munster RugbyMunster RugbyH
W 16-15RDS Arena18,930
Sat 26 May18:00PRO14-FLeinster RugbyLeinster Rugby40 - 32ScarletsScarletsH
W 40-32Aviva Stadium46,092
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