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RaboDirect PRO12: Irish Provinces' Results and Fixtures
*Kick off times are all local to where the match is being played

September 2013
Fri 6 Sep19:05RDP12ScarletsScarlets19 - 42Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby

Parc y Scarlets6,329
Fri 6 Sep19:15RDP12Newport Gwent DragonsNewport Gwent Dragons15 - 8Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby

Rodney Parade5,165
Sat 7 Sep17:00RDP12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby25 - 16ZebreZebre

Sat 7 Sep19:15RDP12Munster RugbyMunster Rugby34 - 23Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh Rugby

Musgrave Park6,810
Fri 13 Sep19:05RDP12Cardiff BluesCardiff Blues21 - 10Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby

Arms Park6,874
Fri 13 Sep19:05RDP12Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby12 - 13Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors

Ravenhill Stadium11,500
Fri 13 Sep19:30RDP12ZebreZebre21 - 43Munster RugbyMunster Rugby

Stadio XXV Aprile2,550
Sat 14 Sep18:15RDP12Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby29 - 29OspreysOspreys

Royal Dublin Society16,885
Fri 20 Sep19:35RDP12Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors12 - 6Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby

Scotstoun Stadium5,152
Fri 20 Sep20:30RDP12Benetton TrevisoBenetton Treviso29 - 19Munster RugbyMunster Rugby

Stadio Monigo4,528
Sat 21 Sep18:45RDP12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby7 - 18Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby

Fri 27 Sep19:05RDP12Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby32 - 13Benetton TrevisoBenetton Treviso

Ravenhill Stadium10,693
Fri 27 Sep19:35RDP12Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby34 - 20Cardiff BluesCardiff Blues

Royal Dublin Society17,180
Sat 28 Sep17:00RDP12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby26 - 43OspreysOspreys

Sat 28 Sep18:45RDP12Munster RugbyMunster Rugby23 - 9Newport Gwent DragonsNewport Gwent Dragons

Musgrave Park6,248
October 2013
Fri 4 Oct19:05RDP12OspreysOspreys12 - 18Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby

Liberty Stadium10,049
Fri 4 Oct20:30RDP12Benetton TrevisoBenetton Treviso23 - 3Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby

Stadio Monigo3,948
Sat 5 Oct18:45RDP12Munster RugbyMunster Rugby19 - 15Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby

Thomond Park20,646
Fri 25 Oct19:05RDP12Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby39 - 21Cardiff BluesCardiff Blues

Ravenhill Stadium12,948
Fri 25 Oct19:35RDP12Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors6 - 13Munster RugbyMunster Rugby

Scotstoun Stadium5,726
Sat 26 Oct18:45RDP12Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby16 - 13Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby

Royal Dublin Society16,780
November 2013
Fri 1 Nov19:05RDP12Newport Gwent DragonsNewport Gwent Dragons19 - 23Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby

Rodney Parade6,174
Sat 2 Nov17:00RDP12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby12 - 19Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors

Sat 2 Nov18:30RDP12ScarletsScarlets17 - 9Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby

Parc y Scarlets6,506
Sat 2 Nov19:15RDP12Munster RugbyMunster Rugby12 - 6OspreysOspreys

Thomond Park14,216
Fri 22 Nov19:05RDP12Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby41 - 17Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh Rugby

Ravenhill Stadium12,955
Sat 23 Nov17:00RDP12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby21 - 24ScarletsScarlets

Sat 23 Nov18:30RDP12Cardiff BluesCardiff Blues10 - 31Munster RugbyMunster Rugby

Arms Park6,122
Sun 24 Nov15:00RDP12Benetton TrevisoBenetton Treviso20 - 21Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby

Stadio Monigo3,938
Fri 29 Nov19:15RDP12Newport Gwent DragonsNewport Gwent Dragons14 - 18Munster RugbyMunster Rugby

Rodney Parade7,118
Fri 29 Nov19:45RDP12Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh Rugby43 - 10Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby

Sat 30 Nov15:00RDP12ZebreZebre11 - 19Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby

Stadio XXV Aprile1,250
Sat 30 Nov19:15RDP12Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby36 - 19ScarletsScarlets

Royal Dublin Society15,740
December 2013
Fri 20 Dec19:05RDP12Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby13 - 6ZebreZebre

Ravenhill Stadium13,937
Fri 20 Dec19:35RDP12Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh Rugby11 - 6Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby

Sat 21 Dec17:00RDP12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby14 - 11Newport Gwent DragonsNewport Gwent Dragons

Sat 21 Dec19:15RDP12Munster RugbyMunster Rugby16 - 10ScarletsScarlets

Musgrave Park7,867
Fri 27 Dec19:15RDP12Munster RugbyMunster Rugby22 - 16Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby

Thomond Park18,870
Sat 28 Dec18:45RDP12Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby19 - 6Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby

Royal Dublin Society18,500
January 2014
Fri 3 Jan19:05RDP12Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby29 - 19Munster RugbyMunster Rugby

Ravenhill Stadium13,945
Sat 4 Jan19:15RDP12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby8 - 16Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby

February 2014
Fri 7 Feb19:35RDP12Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby10 - 7OspreysOspreys

Ravenhill Stadium12,986
Sat 8 Feb19:15RDP12Munster RugbyMunster Rugby54 - 13Cardiff BluesCardiff Blues

Thomond Park13,821
Sun 9 Feb14:00RDP12Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors8 - 6Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby

Scotstoun Stadium3,904
Sun 9 Feb18:00RDP12ZebreZebre8 - 31Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby

Stadio XXV Aprile1,450
Fri 14 Feb19:45RDP12Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby31 - 19Newport Gwent DragonsNewport Gwent Dragons

Royal Dublin Society15,000
Sat 15 Feb17:00RDP12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby11 - 7Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh Rugby

Sat 15 Feb18:45RDP12Munster RugbyMunster Rugby36 - 8ZebreZebre

Musgrave Park7,330
Thu 20 Feb20:05RDP12Cardiff BluesCardiff Blues22 - 34Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby

Arms Park5,063
Sun 23 Feb15:00RDP12Benetton TrevisoBenetton Treviso12 - 14Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby

Stadio Monigo2,720
Sun 23 Feb16:00RDP12OspreysOspreys11 - 25Munster RugbyMunster Rugby

Liberty Stadium5,766
Sun 23 Feb17:30RDP12ZebreZebre19 - 27Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby

Stadio XXV Aprile1,265
Fri 28 Feb19:05RDP12Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby38 - 8Newport Gwent DragonsNewport Gwent Dragons

Ravenhill Stadium12,960
March 2014
Sat 1 Mar17:00RDP12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby38 - 6Benetton TrevisoBenetton Treviso

Sat 1 Mar18:30RDP12ScarletsScarlets18 - 13Munster RugbyMunster Rugby

Parc y Scarlets6,487
Sat 1 Mar20:30RDP12Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby28 - 25Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors

Royal Dublin Society14,400
Fri 14 Mar19:05RDP12Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby26 - 13ScarletsScarlets

Ravenhill Stadium14,000
Fri 21 Mar19:15RDP12Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby27 - 0ZebreZebre

Royal Dublin Society14,855
Fri 21 Mar19:45RDP12Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh Rugby3 - 9Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby

Sat 22 Mar19:15RDP12Munster RugbyMunster Rugby14 - 3Benetton TrevisoBenetton Treviso

Thomond Park13,946
Sun 23 Mar15:05RDP12Newport Gwent DragonsNewport Gwent Dragons8 - 24Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby

Rodney Parade5,474
Sat 29 Mar18:30RDP12Cardiff BluesCardiff Blues28 - 23Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby

Arms Park7,084
Sat 29 Mar19:00RDP12Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby22 - 18Munster RugbyMunster Rugby

AVIVA Stadium51,700
Sun 30 Mar14:05RDP12ScarletsScarlets32 - 30Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby

Parc y Scarlets6,111
April 2014
Fri 11 Apr19:05RDP12OspreysOspreys25 - 19Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby

Liberty Stadium8,656
Fri 11 Apr19:05RDP12Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby58 - 12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby

Ravenhill Stadium13,948
Sat 12 Apr18:30RDP12Munster RugbyMunster Rugby5 - 22Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors

Thomond Park13,946
Fri 18 Apr17:00RDP12Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby62 - 7Benetton TrevisoBenetton Treviso

Royal Dublin Society17,200
Fri 18 Apr19:35RDP12Glasgow WarriorsGlasgow Warriors27 - 9Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby

Scotstoun Stadium7,417
Sat 19 Apr18:15RDP12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby  v  Munster RugbyMunster Rugby

May 2014
Fri 2 May19:30RDP12Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby  v  Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby

Ravenhill StadiumBBCNI/RTE
Sat 3 May17:00RDP12Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby  v  Cardiff BluesCardiff Blues

Sat 3 May17:00RDP12Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh Rugby  v  Munster RugbyMunster Rugby

Sat 10 May18:30RDP12Leinster RugbyLeinster Rugby  v  Edinburgh RugbyEdinburgh Rugby

Royal Dublin Society
Sat 10 May18:30RDP12Munster RugbyMunster Rugby  v  Ulster RugbyUlster Rugby

Thomond Park
Sat 10 May18:30RDP12OspreysOspreys  v  Connacht RugbyConnacht Rugby

Liberty Stadium
16/17/18 May

16/17/18 May

Sat 31 May