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Developing and implementing a rugby curriculum for schools & clubs


Following the development of the IRFU LTPD model in 2004 and recently the IRFU Technical model, the IRFU are constantly aligning all development programmes and courses from Stage 1 through to Stage 5 Rugby to the one Technical Direction.

An initiative recently piloted across the four provinces last season is the Rugby Faculty. The Rugby Faculty is a toolbox of resources to facilitate schools and clubs in developing their own Rugby programme & Curriculum to ensure the school/club provide each player & coach with the best rugby experience any school or club can provide. While the principles and fundamentals are similar and aligned to the IRFU LTPD & Technical Direction, each programme will be unique since it will reflect the Club/School's Culture, Vision, Ambitions, Resources, Commitment and unique qualities of the Coaches who will drive and implement the programme.

The 4-step process to implementing the Rugby Faculty:

Step 1: Arrange an Induction Meeting between Club/school representatives and Branch Development staff to outline the processes involved in developing and implementing your Rugby Curriculum. Ideally this should be with the key drivers of the rugby programme in your school or club

Step 2: Organise an induction presentation for all the coaches participating in the curriculum development & delivery to familiarize them with the fundamental principles of the programme & basic 'tools'

Step 3: Delivery of workshops to smaller groups of coaches in each 'band' or stage of rugby, to explore the 'tools' of the Rugby Faculty to familiarise them with its application to each Stage of Rugby within the school or club structures.

Step 4: The club or school takes ownership and manages the implementation of the Rugby Faculty with periodic support as required from their local Branch Development office.

The Next Step:

If your club or school wishes to start developing your rugby curriculum or wants to find out more - contact your Branch Rugby Development Office

Contact names & Details

Connacht Branch: Lyndon Jones ( )
Leinster Branch: Philip Lawlor ( )
Munster Branch: Ultan O'Callaghan ( )
Ulster Branch: Chris Webster ( )

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