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Stage 4 Assistant Coaching Course (Level 2 Assistant)

Level 2 Assistant Coaches CourseThe Stage 4 Assistant Course is for Assistant Coaches (backs & forwards) working with advanced 15-a-side teams, with higher technical competencies and understanding of the game. The course develops the Identities of Rugby through Functional Role Analysis.

At the end of the course the coach is expected to develop individual players' abilities to undertake and adjust their specific roles in a changing environment within each of the identities of rugby.
Sport specific and generic modules are examined at a more advanced level, together with the introduction of modules which develop the coaches' ability to understand Learning styles in conjunction with increasing the players' tactical appreciation.

The course develops the Assistant coach as 'Facilitator'.

Entry criteria

• Assistant Coach position (actively coaching at an appropriate level - Stage 4)
• Stage 3 Coach / Assistant Coach Accreditation
• Assimilated - Proven senior/professional rugby playing or coaching experience

*Priority will be given to Assistant Coaches working at the higher levels

Accreditation / License

• Full course attendance
• Produce a written Unit Profile - Strengths & weakness' profile of identities of rugby relating to player profiles (backs/forwards)
• Log 60 hours coaching (diary)
• Complete a minimum of one Practical Coaching Observation
• Sign-off and awareness of the IRFU "Child Welfare Document" (if working with underage team)

The IRFU reserves the right to modify, replace or add to accreditation requirements in accordance with updates to Coach Development programmes.


The IRFU Coach re-licensing programme is currently under development and due for launch in season 2014/2015.

It is envisaged that coaches who successfully complete accreditation will be re-licensed on a 3 yearly basis once they have fulfilled specific 'continuing professional development' (CPD) requirements during that period.

Liable to adjustment as required

Numbers per course:
40 maximum/20 minimum (divided between Backs and Forwards coaches)

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