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You can support the IRFU position and safeguard the future of Irish Rugby by sending a submission to the Department of Communications,
Energy & Natural Resources.

We are asking inviduals and rugby clubs to lend their support by filling in the documents below.

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2. Email the document to with Major Events Coverage in the subject bar

3. Alternatively you can post your submission in hard copy to:

Major Events Coverage
Broadcasting Policy Division
Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
29-31 Adelaide Road
Dublin 2


The Facts

These are the facts of the relationship between Irish Rugby and the 6 Nations broadcast rights.

  • The IRFU is a not-for-profit sporting organisation responsible for the funding of every aspect of the sport.
  • Irish Rugby's share of the pooled 6 Nations TV revenues equates to 20% of the sports' total revenue.
  • Irish Rugby receives approximately €14m in TV revenue from the 6 Nations. RTE pays €2.5m for the Irish broadcast rights.
  • All 6 Nations TV revenues have increased, except in Ireland where RTÉ cut rights fees by 22% from €3.1m to just €2.5m per annum.
  • A change to the designation represents the potential revenue loss of approximately €12.5m per annum to Irish Rugby.

The Consequences

A 20% reduction in Irish Rugby's revenues means a drop from €70m to €56m in available funds each year to invest in the game. What does this mean?

  • An inability to keep the top Irish players in Ireland.
  • A reduction in the number of professional players and teams in Ireland.
  • An inability to attract the best coaching talent to Ireland.
  • A reduction in investment in provincial infrastructure resulting in teams being unable to remain competitive in the PRO12 and in European competitions.
  • A reduction in funding in the grassroots game which affects the next generation of international stars from coming through.

The Argument

  • Irish Rugby is not advocating for its 6 Nations games to go on a pay-tv platform, the sport just requires a free market in which to do operate to ensure its share of current and future TV revenue is safeguarded.
  • Irish Rugby has successfully developed the professional game in Ireland and increased participation numbers under the status quo - why jeopardise the future of the game?
  • The European rugby climate is volatile and has experienced significant fall-out in the past 12-18 months. This has impacted on the future revenue streams of some of the smaller European countries.

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