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The offside Laws are designed to create space for the team in possession, and are key to providing positive attacking options. The referee's role is to preserve this space.

Referees must be fully aware of all the Law relevant to off-side in all the Game areas - ruck, maul, scrum, line-out and in general play.

The current focus for referees is to ensure that:

  • Players remain on-side at ruck and maul - both in mid-field and the fringes of the ruck and maul.
  • Players remain on-side at open play kicks
  • players within 10 metres of an opponent waiting to receive a kick must retreat, until they are put on-side.
  • Other players of the kickers team who are in front of the kicker must not move forward, until they are put on-side.

For more information on Offside visit the IRB Laws Of The Game website

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