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Laws & Regulations

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The objects of the Irish Rugby Football Union shall be:-

(a) To administer the Game as its governing body, to promote, foster and develop the Game in all its Branches and beyond the shores of Ireland if it is considered in the interests of the Game nationally to do so;

(b) To assist and further the efforts of the Branches and Clubs of the Union as far as possible in the promotion and development of the Game and the provision of playing fields, supporting facilities and accommodation;

(c) To arrange international, interprovincial, representative, trial and other matches;

(d) To take all steps that may be necessary or advisable to prevent infringements of the Bye-Laws, the Regulations relating to the Game, or the Laws of the Game, to prevent other improper methods or practises in the Game and to protect it from abuses.

Download the full laws of the Irish Rugby Football Union


The Committee of the Union has made the following regulations which are binding on all parties affected by these regulations.

IRFU Regulations

All Ireland League Regulations 2017/18

Women's All Ireland League and Cup All Ireland League Regulations

Regulation 6 Information

IRFU Leprechaun and Mini Rugby Regulations 2018/19

IRFU Age Grade Regulations 2018/19

Other Documents

Club Resource Library - including facilites and event planning documentation, transfer and tour forms.

Safeguarding - IRFU Safeguarding and Vetting information.

Anti Doping - IRFU Anti Doping Report

Medical - Including concussion guidelines and club medical information

Insurance - Information on Club and Player insurance

Age Grade - Consent To Play Up

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