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Welcome to the IRFU Women's Rugby Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model. The aim of this model is to provide a blueprint of players' capacities and development for all participants in Women's rugby, from the time they pick up a rugby ball to realising their playing potential within the game.

Whether domestic or elite, all participants are catered for in the model. We have also included a strong Technical Direction for the Game and Coaching throughout each stage of rugby.

The game of rugby in Ireland for females has grown by roughly 200% since 2003 and has been rewarded with successful performances and results at the Women's Rugby World Cup 2014 and Six Nations Championships.

The purpose of this document is to help drive this development and success to another level over the coming years. This model has been designed to help all participants understand Women's rugby in Ireland and how players develop as they progress through the pathway.

While the model reflects a hierarchical framework, it should be noted that teams may include players who are at different levels of competence and experience even though they are within the same stage of development.

Each stage is defined by the essences of the player, the coach and the game. Within each stage of rugby the Strategic, Tactical, Technical, Physical, Mental & Personal characteristics & capacities are outlined in detail.

Due to the embryonic stage of female rugby in Ireland there is a section outlining how best to manage and integrate "Late Beginners" to the game of rugby to ensure a safe and appropriate induction and coaching of these participants.

Nora Stapleton
IRFU Women and Girls Development Executive


Women's Long Term Player Development

Stage 1 - FUNdamentals

Stage 2 - Train to Play

Stage 3 - Train to Develop

Stage 4 - Train to Perform

Stage 5 - Train to Compete

Stage 6 - Train to Win

Stage 7 - Retention

Late Beginners

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