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All Ireland League Fixtures

Results & Fixtures: Women's All Ireland League
September 2016
Sun 11th Sep 1613:00Div 1Cooke14 - 7Railway Union RFCShaws Bridge
Sun 11th Sep 1613:00Div 1Old Belvedere24 - 0BlackrockAnglesea Road
Sun 11th Sep 1613:00Div 1St. Mary's5 - 41GalwegiansTempleville Road
Sun 11th Sep 1613:00Div 1U.L. Bohemian55 - 0HighfieldAnnacotty
Sun 18th Sep 1613:00Div 1Blackrock5 - 0St. Mary'sStradbrook
Sun 18th Sep 1613:00Div 1Galwegians44 - 43CookeCrowley Park
Sun 18th Sep 1613:00Div 1Railway Union RFC12 - 15U.L. BohemianWillow Lodge
Sun 18th Sep 1613:45Div 1Highfield3 - 24Old BelvedereWoodleigh Park
Sun 25th Sep 1613:00Div 1Cooke12 - 27BlackrockShaws Bridge
Sun 25th Sep 1613:00Div 1St. Mary's25 - 17HighfieldTempleville Road
Sun 25th Sep 1613:00Div 1U.L. Bohemian23 - 12Old BelvedereAnnacotty
Sun 25th Sep 1614:30Div 1Railway Union RFC8 - 26GalwegiansWillow Lodge
October 2016
Sat 8th Oct 1616:00Div 1Galwegians10 - 15U.L. BohemianCrowley Park
Sat 8th Oct 1617:30Div 1Blackrock13 - 8Railway Union RFCStradbrook
Sun 9th Oct 1613:00Div 1Highfield14 - 7CookeWoodleigh Park
Sun 9th Oct 1613:00Div 1Old Belvedere65 - 3St. Mary'sAnglesea Road
Sun 16th Oct 1613:00Div 1Cooke14 - 45Old BelvedereShaws Bridge
Sun 16th Oct 1613:00Div 1Galwegians13 - 12BlackrockCrowley Park
Sun 16th Oct 1613:00Div 1Railway Union RFC36 - 17HighfieldWillow Lodge
Sun 16th Oct 1613:00Div 1U.L. Bohemian36 - 10St. Mary'sAnnacotty
Sun 23rd Oct 1613:00Div 1Highfield17 - 22GalwegiansWoodleigh Park
Sun 23rd Oct 1613:00Div 1Old Belvedere17 - 12Railway Union RFCAnglesea Road
Sun 23rd Oct 1613:00Div 1St. Mary's7 - 34CookeTempleville Road
Sun 23rd Oct 1613:00Div 1U.L. Bohemian25 - 7BlackrockAnnacotty
November 2016
Sat 5th Nov 1616:00Div 1Blackrock17 - 25HighfieldStradbrook
Sun 6th Nov 1612:30Div 1St. Mary's5 - 53Railway Union RFCTempleville Road
Sun 6th Nov 1613:00Div 1Cooke14 - 33U.L. BohemianShaws Bridge
Sun 6th Nov 1613:00Div 1Galwegians10 - 13Old BelvedereCrowley Park
Sun 20th Nov 1613:00Div 1Highfield8 - 5BlackrockWoodleigh Park
Sun 20th Nov 1613:00Div 1Old Belvedere18 - 10GalwegiansAnglesea Road
Sun 20th Nov 1613:00Div 1Railway Union RFC50 - 14St. Mary'sWillow Lodge
January 2017
Sun 15th Jan 1713:00Div 1Blackrock15 - 19U.L. BohemianStradbrook
Sun 15th Jan 1713:00Div 1Cooke17 - 29St. Mary'sShaws Bridge
Sun 15th Jan 1713:00Div 1Galwegians17 - 34HighfieldCrowley Park
Sun 15th Jan 1713:00Div 1Railway Union RFC25 - 8Old BelvedereWillow Lodge
Sun 22nd Jan 1713:00Div 1Blackrock17 - 19GalwegiansStradbrook
Sun 22nd Jan 1713:00Div 1Highfield3 - 10Railway Union RFCWoodleigh Park
Sun 22nd Jan 1713:00Div 1Old Belvedere19 - 3CookeAnglesea Road
Sun 22nd Jan 1713:00Div 1St. Mary's5 - 31U.L. BohemianTempleville Road
Sun 29th Jan 1713:00Div 1U.L. Bohemian38 - 0CookeAnnacotty
February 2017
Sun 12th Feb 1712:00Div 1Cooke17 - 15HighfieldShaws Bridge
Sun 12th Feb 1713:00Div 1Railway Union RFC41 - 0BlackrockWillow Lodge
Sun 12th Feb 1713:00Div 1St. Mary's10 - 8Old BelvedereTempleville Road
Sun 12th Feb 1713:00Div 1U.L. Bohemian50 - 0GalwegiansAnnacotty
Sun 19th Feb 1713:00Div 1Blackrock36 - 24CookeStradbrook
Sun 19th Feb 1713:00Div 1Galwegians7 - 12Railway Union RFCCrowley Park
Sun 19th Feb 1713:00Div 1Highfield12 - 0St. Mary'sWoodleigh Park
Sun 19th Feb 1713:00Div 1Old Belvedere14 - 29U.L. BohemianAnglesea Road
March 2017
Sun 5th Mar 1713:00Div 1Cooke57 - 10GalwegiansShaws Bridge
Sun 5th Mar 1713:00Div 1Old Belvedere10 - 19HighfieldAnglesea Road
Sun 5th Mar 1713:00Div 1St. Mary's10 - 10BlackrockTempleville Road
Sun 5th Mar 1713:00Div 1U.L. Bohemian6 - 8Railway Union RFCAnnacotty
Sun 26th Mar 1713:00Div 1Blackrock5 - 29Old BelvedereStradbrook
Sun 26th Mar 1713:00Div 1Galwegians49 - 36St. Mary'sCrowley Park
Sun 26th Mar 1713:00Div 1Highfield5 - 26U.L. BohemianWoodleigh Park
Sun 26th Mar 1713:00Div 1Railway Union RFC46 - 20CookeWillow Lodge
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