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Results & Fixtures: Ulster Bank League
September 2016
Sat 17th Sep 1614:30Div1BBallynahinch35 - 13BuccaneersBallymacarn ParkShane Kierans
Sat 17th Sep 1614:30Div1BDolphin10 - 41U.L. BohemianIrish Independent ParkNigel Correll
Sat 17th Sep 1614:30Div1BNaas18 - 13GalwegiansForenaughtsMark Patton
Sat 17th Sep 1614:30Div1BShannon19 - 25BallymenaThomond ParkKieran Barry
Sat 17th Sep 1614:30Div1BU.C.C.20 - 23Old WesleyMardykeHelen O'Reilly
Sat 24th Sep 1614:30Div1BBallymena15 - 8NaasEaton ParkLeo Colgan
Sat 24th Sep 1614:30Div1BBuccaneers27 - 3ShannonDubarry ParkHelen O'Reilly
Sat 24th Sep 1614:30Div1BGalwegians31 - 14U.C.C.Crowley ParkOisin Quinn
Sat 24th Sep 1614:30Div1BOld Wesley21 - 10DolphinDonnybrookJonathan Peak
Sat 24th Sep 1614:30Div1BU.L. Bohemian38 - 22BallynahinchAnnacottyPaul Haycock
October 2016
Sat 1st Oct 1614:30Div1BBallynahinch18 - 12ShannonBallymacarn ParkRobert O'Sullivan
Sat 1st Oct 1614:30Div1BDolphin27 - 18GalwegiansIrish Independent ParkJonny Erskine
Sat 1st Oct 1614:30Div1BNaas16 - 24BuccaneersForenaughtsJonathan Peak
Sat 1st Oct 1614:30Div1BU.C.C.18 - 17BallymenaMardykeJoy Neville
Sat 1st Oct 1614:30Div1BU.L. Bohemian29 - 21Old WesleyUL 4G PitchEddie Hogan O'Connell
Sat 8th Oct 1614:00Div1BGalwegians23 - 27U.L. BohemianCrowley ParkLeo Colgan
Sat 8th Oct 1614:30Div1BBallymena24 - 16DolphinEaton ParkBrian MacNeice
Sat 8th Oct 1614:30Div1BBuccaneers49 - 36U.C.C.Dubarry ParkMark Patton
Sat 8th Oct 1616:00Div1BOld Wesley35 - 32BallynahinchDonnybrookElio Rizo FIR
Sat 8th Oct 1616:00Div1BShannon10 - 14NaasThomond ParkOisin Quinn
Sat 29th Oct 1614:30Div1BBallynahinch26 - 41NaasBallymacarn ParkJohn Carvill
Sat 29th Oct 1614:30Div1BDolphin22 - 31BuccaneersIrish Independent ParkJoy Neville
Sat 29th Oct 1614:30Div1BOld Wesley35 - 25GalwegiansDonnybrookKieran Barry
Sat 29th Oct 1614:30Div1BU.C.C.17 - 9ShannonMardykeJonny Erskine
Sat 29th Oct 1614:30Div1BU.L. Bohemian25 - 15BallymenaThomond ParkEddie Hogan-O’Connell
November 2016
Sat 5th Nov 1614:30Div1BBallymena25 - 27Old WesleyEaton ParkKarol Collins
Sat 5th Nov 1614:30Div1BBuccaneers49 - 17U.L. BohemianDubarry ParkJohn Carvill
Sat 5th Nov 1614:30Div1BGalwegians24 - 30BallynahinchCrowley ParkJoy Neville
Sat 5th Nov 1614:30Div1BNaas10 - 6U.C.C.ForenaughtsRobert O'Sullivan
Sat 5th Nov 1614:30Div1BShannon17 - 10DolphinThomond ParkPaul Haycock
Sat 12th Nov 1614:30Div1BBallynahinch10 - 15U.C.C.Ballymacarn ParkPaul Haycock
Sat 12th Nov 1614:30Div1BDolphin15 - 10NaasIrish Independent ParkKarol Collins
Sat 12th Nov 1614:30Div1BGalwegians34 - 35BallymenaCrowley ParkEddie Hogan O'Connell
Sat 12th Nov 1614:30Div1BOld Wesley22 - 49BuccaneersDonnybrookJonny Erskine
Sat 12th Nov 1614:30Div1BU.L. Bohemian14 - 13ShannonThomond ParkShane Kierans
Fri 18th Nov 1619:30Div1BBuccaneers24 - 12GalwegiansDubarry ParkFrank Murphy
Fri 25th Nov 1619:30Div1BU.C.C.15 - 25DolphinMardykeShane Kierans
Sat 26th Nov 1614:00Div1BNaas13 - 10U.L. BohemianForenaughtsRichard Kerr
Sat 26th Nov 1614:30Div1BBallynahinch18 - 28BallymenaBallymacarn ParkJonathan Peak
Sat 26th Nov 1614:30Div1BShannon24 - 24Old WesleyThomond ParkDermot Blake
December 2016
Fri 2nd Dec 1620:00Div1BOld Wesley19 - 16NaasDonnybrookSaba Abulashvili
Sat 3rd Dec 1614:30Div1BBallymena13 - 18BuccaneersEaton ParkPaul Haycock
Sat 3rd Dec 1614:30Div1BDolphin19 - 35BallynahinchIrish Independent ParkBrian MacNeice
Sat 3rd Dec 1614:30Div1BGalwegians53 - 12ShannonCrowley ParkMark Patton
Sat 3rd Dec 1614:30Div1BU.L. Bohemian18 - 17U.C.C.UL 4G PitchOisin Quinn
January 2017
Fri 27th Jan 1720:00Div1BNaas27 - 8Old WesleyForenaughtsPaul Haycock
Sat 28th Jan 1714:30Div1BBallynahinch30 - 8DolphinBallymacarn ParkNigel Correll
Sat 28th Jan 1714:30Div1BShannon17 - 14GalwegiansThomond ParkEddie Hogan O'Connell
Sat 28th Jan 1715:00Div1BU.C.C.9 - 18U.L. BohemianMardykeKieran Barry
Sat 28th Jan 1719:30Div1BBuccaneers13 - 13BallymenaDubarry ParkGary Conway
February 2017
Fri 3rd Feb 1719:30Div1BDolphin9 - 19U.C.C.Irish Independent ParkEddie Hogan O'Connell
Fri 3rd Feb 1719:30Div1BGalwegians14 - 25BuccaneersCrowley ParkLeo Colgan
Fri 3rd Feb 1720:00Div1BBallymena12 - 24BallynahinchEaton ParkMark Patton
Sat 4th Feb 1716:30Div1BOld Wesley22 - 26ShannonDonnybrookStuart Gaffikin
Sat 4th Feb 1716:30Div1BU.L. Bohemian24 - 27Naas4G Pitch, University of LimerickJonny Erskine
Fri 10th Feb 1719:30Div1BShannon43 - 20U.L. BohemianThomond ParkEddie Hogan O'Connell
Sat 11th Feb 1712:30Div1BBallymena14 - 13GalwegiansEaton ParkShane Kierans
Sat 11th Feb 1712:30Div1BU.C.C.39 - 18BallynahinchMardykeStuart Douglas
Sat 11th Feb 1716:30Div1BBuccaneers36 - 14Old WesleyDubarry ParkRobert O'Sullivan
Sat 11th Feb 1716:30Div1BNaas30 - 8DolphinForenaughtsDermot Blake
Sat 18th Feb 1714:30Div1BBallynahinch7 - 20GalwegiansBallymacarn ParkEddie Hogan OConnell
Sat 18th Feb 1714:30Div1BDolphin24 - 11ShannonIrish Independent ParkFrank Murphy
Sat 18th Feb 1714:30Div1BOld Wesley49 - 19BallymenaDonnybrookJoy Neville
Sat 18th Feb 1714:30Div1BU.C.C.16 - 13NaasMardykeMark Patton
Sat 18th Feb 1714:30Div1BU.L. Bohemian27 - 39BuccaneersUniversity of Limerick 4G pitchGeorge Clancy
March 2017
Sat 4th Mar 1714:30Div1BBallymena23 - 30U.L. BohemianEaton ParkDermot Blake
Sat 4th Mar 1714:30Div1BBuccaneers19 - 5DolphinDubarry ParkOisin Quinn
Sat 4th Mar 1714:30Div1BGalwegians7 - 7Old WesleyCrowley ParkChris Harrington
Sat 4th Mar 1714:30Div1BShannon20 - 14U.C.C.Thomond ParkNigel Correll
Sat 11th Mar 1714:30Div1BBallynahinch14 - 28Old WesleyBallymacarn ParkDudley Phillips
Sat 11th Mar 1714:30Div1BDolphin18 - 16BallymenaIrish Independent ParkEmanuele Tomo
Sat 11th Mar 1714:30Div1BNaas21 - 14ShannonForenaughtsDavid Wilkinson
Sat 11th Mar 1714:30Div1BU.C.C.13 - 12BuccaneersMardykeAndrew Brace
Sat 11th Mar 1714:30Div1BU.L. Bohemian18 - 16GalwegiansUL 4G PitchOisin Quinn
Sat 25th Mar 1714:30Div1BBallymena24 - 26U.C.C.Eaton ParkBrian MacNeice
Sat 25th Mar 1714:30Div1BBuccaneers30 - 23NaasDubarry ParkFrank Murphy
Sat 25th Mar 1714:30Div1BGalwegians23 - 29DolphinCrowley ParkGeorge Clancy
Sat 25th Mar 1714:30Div1BOld Wesley31 - 27U.L. BohemianDonnybrookMark Patton
Sat 25th Mar 1714:30Div1BShannon30 - 14BallynahinchThomond ParkLeo Colgan
April 2017
Sat 1st Apr 1716:00Div1BNaas14 - 16BallynahinchForenaughtsKieran Barry
Sat 8th Apr 1714:30Div1BBallynahinch8 - 13U.L. BohemianBallymacarn ParkGary Conway
Sat 8th Apr 1714:30Div1BNaas40 - 15BallymenaForenaughtsLeo Colgan
Sat 8th Apr 1714:30Div1BShannon13 - 19BuccaneersThomond ParkMark Patton
Sat 8th Apr 1714:30Div1BU.C.C.24 - 22GalwegiansMardykeOisin Quinn
Sun 9th Apr 1714:30Div1BDolphin22 - 10Old WesleyIrish Independent ParkPaul Haycock
Sat 15th Apr 1714:30Div1BBallymena13 - 10ShannonEaton ParkBarrie O'Connell
Sat 15th Apr 1714:30Div1BBuccaneers40 - 10BallynahinchDubarry ParkChris Busby
Sat 15th Apr 1714:30Div1BGalwegians16 - 27NaasCrowley ParkJonny Erskine
Sat 15th Apr 1714:30Div1BOld Wesley19 - 5U.C.C.DonnybrookStuart Douglas
Sat 15th Apr 1714:30Div1BU.L. Bohemian10 - 16DolphinThomond ParkNigel Correll
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