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Results & Fixtures: Ulster Bank League
September 2015
Fri 11th Sep 1519:30Div1AOld Belvedere27 - 8Terenure CollegeAnglesea RoadNigel Correll
Fri 11th Sep 1519:30Div1AUCD16 - 24ClontarfBelfield BowlSean Gallagher
Sat 12th Sep 1514:30Div1AGalwegians12 - 11Cork ConstitutionCrowley ParkStuart Gaffikin
Sat 12th Sep 1514:30Div1AGarryowen14 - 10BallynahinchDooradoyleKieran Barry
Sat 12th Sep 1514:30Div1ALansdowne29 - 6Young MunsterAviva StadiumMark Patton
Fri 18th Sep 1519:30Div1AClontarf20 - 14Old BelvedereCastle AvenueGary Conway
Fri 18th Sep 1519:30Div1AYoung Munster16 - 16GarryowenTom Clifford ParkPeter Fitzgibbon
Sat 19th Sep 1514:30Div1ABallynahinch13 - 47UCDBallymacarn ParkNigel Correll
Sat 19th Sep 1516:30Div1ACork Constitution22 - 22LansdowneTemple HillDudley Phillips
Sat 19th Sep 1516:30Div1ATerenure College32 - 21GalwegiansLakelands ParkEddie Hogan-O'Connell
Fri 25th Sep 1519:30Div1ALansdowne24 - 10Terenure CollegeAviva StadumGary Conway
Sat 26th Sep 1514:30Div1AClontarf38 - 17BallynahinchCastle AvenueAndy Brace
Sat 26th Sep 1514:30Div1AGarryowen23 - 19Cork ConstitutionDooradoyleSean Gallagher
Sat 26th Sep 1514:30Div1AOld Belvedere24 - 12GalwegiansAnglesea RoadPeter Fitzgibbon
Sat 26th Sep 1514:30Div1AUCD56 - 22Young MunsterBelfield BowlEddie Hogan-O'Connell
October 2015
Sat 3rd Oct 1514:30Div1ABallynahinch24 - 34Old BelvedereBallymacarn ParkSean Gallagher
Sat 3rd Oct 1514:30Div1ACork Constitution19 - 19UCDTemple HillPeter Fitzgibbon
Sat 3rd Oct 1514:30Div1AGalwegians41 - 20LansdowneCrowley ParkFrank Murphy
Sat 3rd Oct 1514:30Div1ATerenure College23 - 22GarryowenLakelands ParkMark Patton
Sat 3rd Oct 1514:30Div1AYoung Munster27 - 27ClontarfTom Clifford ParkStuart Gaffikin
Fri 16th Oct 1519:30Div1AOld Belvedere19 - 0LansdowneAnglesea RoadLeo Colgan
Fri 16th Oct 1519:30Div1AUCD18 - 20Terenure CollegeBelfield BowlAndy Brace
Sat 17th Oct 1514:30Div1ABallynahinch29 - 34Young MunsterBallymacarn ParkFrank Murphy
Sat 17th Oct 1514:30Div1AClontarf14 - 15Cork ConstitutionCastle AvenueDavid Wilkinson
Sat 17th Oct 1514:30Div1AGarryowen18 - 9GalwegiansDooradoyleMark Connolly
Fri 30th Oct 1519:30Div1ATerenure College3 - 13ClontarfLakelands ParkDudley Phillips
Sat 31st Oct 1514:00Div1ACork Constitution32 - 23BallynahinchTemple HillLloyd Lynton
Sat 31st Oct 1514:00Div1AGalwegians3 - 35UCDCrowley ParkKieran Barry
Sat 31st Oct 1514:00Div1ALansdowne17 - 10GarryowenAviva StadumStuart Gaffikin
Sat 31st Oct 1514:00Div1AYoung Munster20 - 18Old BelvedereTom Clifford ParkGary Conway
November 2015
Sat 7th Nov 1514:30Div1ABallynahinch6 - 30Terenure CollegeBallymacarn ParkNigel Correll
Sat 7th Nov 1514:30Div1AClontarf16 - 9GalwegiansCastle AvenueLeo Colgan
Sat 7th Nov 1514:30Div1AOld Belvedere13 - 28GarryowenAnglesea RoadMark Patton
Sat 7th Nov 1514:30Div1AUCD39 - 10LansdowneBelfield BowlMark Connolly
Sat 7th Nov 1514:30Div1AYoung Munster11 - 10Cork ConstitutionTom Clifford ParkGeorge Clancy
Sat 28th Nov 1514:30Div1AGalwegians33 - 16BallynahinchCrowley ParkEddie Hogan-O'Connell
Sat 28th Nov 1514:30Div1AGarryowen6 - 13UCDDooradoyleNigel Correll
Sat 28th Nov 1514:30Div1ALansdowne23 - 23ClontarfAviva StadumKieran Barry
Sat 28th Nov 1514:30Div1AOld Belvedere19 - 17Cork ConstitutionAnglesea RoadStuart Gaffikin
Sat 28th Nov 1514:30Div1ATerenure College8 - 26Young MunsterLakelands ParkLeo Colgan
December 2015
Sat 5th Dec 1514:30Div1ABallynahinch25 - 13LansdowneBallymacarn ParkLeo Colgan
Sat 5th Dec 1514:30Div1AClontarf39 - 25GarryowenCastle AvenueSean Gallagher
Sat 5th Dec 1514:30Div1AUCD20 - 12Old BelvedereBelfield BowlDavid Wilkinson
January 2016
Sat 2nd Jan 1614:00Div1AGalwegians15 - 12Young MunsterCrowley ParkNigel Correll
Sat 2nd Jan 1614:30Div1AGarryowen10 - 3ClontarfDooradoyleEddie Hogan-O'Connell
Sat 2nd Jan 1614:30Div1ALansdowne29 - 24BallynahinchAviva StadumDudley Phillips
Sat 2nd Jan 1614:30Div1AOld Belvedere6 - 23UCDAnglesea RoadLeo Colgan
Sat 2nd Jan 1614:30Div1ATerenure College22 - 32Cork ConstitutionLakelands ParkMark Connolly
Sat 9th Jan 1614:30Div1ABallynahinch33 - 16GalwegiansBallymacarn ParkKieran Barry
Sat 9th Jan 1614:30Div1AClontarf18 - 19LansdowneCastle AvenueStuart Gaffikin
Sat 9th Jan 1614:30Div1ACork Constitution32 - 0Old BelvedereTemple HillMark Patton
Sat 9th Jan 1614:30Div1AUCD45 - 19GarryowenBelfield BowlFrank Murphy
Sat 9th Jan 1614:30Div1AYoung Munster14 - 6Terenure CollegeTom Clifford ParkEddie Hogan-Ò'Connell
Sat 30th Jan 1614:30Div1ACork Constitution17 - 18Young MunsterTemple HillSean Gallagher
Sat 30th Jan 1614:30Div1AGalwegians5 - 17ClontarfCrowley ParkGeorge Clancy
Sat 30th Jan 1614:30Div1AGarryowen27 - 14Old BelvedereDooradoyleKieran Barry
Sat 30th Jan 1615:00Div1ATerenure College9 - 20BallynahinchLakelands ParkFrank Murphy
Sat 30th Jan 1616:30Div1ALansdowne22 - 20UCDAviva StadumMark Patton
February 2016
Fri 5th Feb 1619:30Div1AClontarf18 - 14Terenure CollegeCastle AvenueGlen Jackson
Sat 6th Feb 1614:30Div1ABallynahinch3 - 36Cork ConstitutionBallymacarn ParkNigel Correll
Sat 6th Feb 1614:30Div1AGarryowen16 - 16LansdowneDooradoyleGary Conway
Sat 6th Feb 1614:30Div1AOld Belvedere11 - 14Young MunsterAnglesea RoadDudley Phillips
Sat 6th Feb 1614:30Div1AUCD33 - 15GalwegiansBelfield BowlStuart Gaffikin
Sat 13th Feb 1613:00Div1AYoung Munster29 - 13GalwegiansTom Clifford ParkFrank Murphy
Fri 19th Feb 1619:30Div1ATerenure College  v  UCDLakelands ParkDudley Phillips
Sat 20th Feb 1614:30Div1ACork Constitution  v  ClontarfTemple HillLeo Colgan
Sat 20th Feb 1614:30Div1AGalwegians  v  GarryowenCrowley ParkSean Gallagher
Sat 20th Feb 1614:30Div1ALansdowne  v  Old BelvedereAviva StadumMark Connolly
Sat 20th Feb 1614:30Div1AYoung Munster  v  BallynahinchTom Clifford ParkMark Patton
Sat 27th Feb 1614:30Div1AClontarf  v  Young MunsterCastle Avenue
Sat 27th Feb 1614:30Div1AGarryowen  v  Terenure CollegeDooradoyle
Sat 27th Feb 1614:30Div1ALansdowne  v  GalwegiansAviva Stadum
Sat 27th Feb 1614:30Div1AOld Belvedere  v  BallynahinchAnglesea Road
Sat 27th Feb 1614:30Div1AUCD  v  Cork ConstitutionBelfield Bowl
March 2016
Sat 5th Mar 1614:30Div1ABallynahinch  v  ClontarfBallymacarn Park
Sat 5th Mar 1614:30Div1ACork Constitution  v  GarryowenTemple Hill
Sat 5th Mar 1614:30Div1AGalwegians  v  Old BelvedereCrowley Park
Sat 5th Mar 1614:30Div1ATerenure College  v  LansdowneLakelands Park
Sat 5th Mar 1614:30Div1AYoung Munster  v  UCDTom Clifford Park
Sat 26th Mar 1614:00Div1ACork Constitution  v  Terenure CollegeTemple HillMark Connolly
April 2016
Fri 1st Apr 1619:30Div1AGarryowen  v  Young MunsterDooradoyle
Fri 1st Apr 1619:30Div1AOld Belvedere  v  ClontarfAnglesea Road
Sat 2nd Apr 1614:30Div1AGalwegians  v  Terenure CollegeCrowley Park
Sat 2nd Apr 1614:30Div1ALansdowne  v  Cork ConstitutionAviva Stadum
Sat 2nd Apr 1614:30Div1AUCD  v  BallynahinchBelfield Bowl
Sat 16th Apr 1614:30Div1ABallynahinch  v  GarryowenBallymacarn Park
Sat 16th Apr 1614:30Div1AClontarf  v  UCDCastle Avenue
Sat 16th Apr 1614:30Div1ACork Constitution  v  GalwegiansTemple Hill
Sat 16th Apr 1614:30Div1ATerenure College  v  Old BelvedereLakelands Park
Sat 16th Apr 1614:30Div1AYoung Munster  v  LansdowneTom Clifford Park
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